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Beautiful Wick Farm Bath

Life, the universe, and everything, occasionally, in a marvelous cosmic conspiracy, binds two souls together in a love so pure it outshines the morning sun. Such was the story of Rebecca and Jamie, a couple whose wedding I had the privilege of witnessing and narrating in the charming setting of Wick Farm near Bath, UK.

Venue and Accommodation

  1. Nestled near the historic city of Bath, Wick Farm offers a stunning blend of rustic elegance and modern amenities.
  2. Built-in the 15th century, the farm envelopes visitors in a warm embrace of history.
  3. Converted barns on the property provide comfortable and luxurious accommodation options.
  4. Parking? Fear not. The venue houses a vast parking area that can easily accommodate all your guests’ vehicles.
  5. The site is not only accessible but also includes provisions for disabled guests, ensuring a comfortable experience for all.
  6. The panoramic view of the farm’s verdant pastures makes for a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos, a fact well appreciated by our Wedding photographer Bath.
  7. The farm provides a beautiful bar area, serving delightful beverages, perfect for a relaxing drink post-ceremony.
  8. Its rustic restaurant combines historical charm with modern culinary finesse.
  9. The venue is no stranger to commendation; rave reviews decorate its website like shiny wedding confetti.
  10. The seating capacity of Wick Farm spread over the spacious barn and outdoor areas, ensures no guest would be left standing.
Wick Farm Wedding Photographer: a bride and groom standing next to a vintage car.

Flowers, Colour Theme and Decor

  1. Rebecca and Jamie chose a unique colour scheme for their wedding – a blend of earthy tones with pops of deep burgundy and gold.
  2. This theme is reflected perfectly in the selection of flowers. Burgundy roses, lush greens, and golden accents adorned the venue.
  3. The decor, a brainchild of local vendors, fused traditional and modern elements with grace.
  4. Custom signage directing guests was both practical and a charming touch of personalisation.
  5. The couple opted for minimalist, yet elegant table settings, adding to the overall aesthetics of the venue.
  6. Rebecca’s bouquet was a beautiful arrangement of roses, eucalyptus, and unique filler flowers, matching the decor perfectly.
  7. Every corner of Wick Farm was thoughtfully decorated to resonate with the wedding’s colour scheme.
  8. The couple’s choice of a beautiful floral arch for the ceremony was a significant highlight.
  9. Outdoor decor complemented the natural beauty of the farm without overshadowing it.
  10. Personalised elements were scattered throughout the venue, making the wedding truly their own.
Bath Venue Wick Farm: a woman in a white dress and a white bouquet.

Ceremony, Timeline, and Guest Lists

  1. The ceremony was conducted in the afternoon, the golden light casting an ethereal glow over the proceedings.
  2. Guests arrived at the venue in the late morning, greeted by drinks and canapés.
  3. The guest list included close family and friends, ensuring an intimate atmosphere throughout the day.
  4. The afternoon saw the exchange of vows, followed by a heartfelt speech by Jamie.
  5. The early evening was dedicated to an elaborate photo session by the Wick Farm Wedding Photographer, capturing the newlyweds and guests in beautiful settings.
  6. As dusk descended, guests moved to the barn for the reception.
  7. The evening flowed smoothly, punctuated by speeches, toasts, and laughter.
  8. An elegant dinner was served as the night sky took over, followed by a grand cake-cutting ceremony.
  9. The late-night hours were dedicated to dancing, with guests tapping their feet to the tunes of a local DJ.
  10. As the clock struck midnight, the newlyweds bid adieu to their guests, concluding the memorable day.
Photography at Wick farm: a bride and groom posing for a picture.

Catering, Evening Parties and Entertainment

  1. The in-house catering team at Wick Farm left no stone unturned to delight the guests’ taste buds.
  2. The menu included a variety of dishes, with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients.
  3. A separate vegan menu was offered, catering to different dietary requirements.
  4. The wedding cake, a three-tiered vanilla and strawberry delight, was as delectable as it was beautiful.
  5. The evening party included a performance by a local band, their music echoing through the ancient barns.
  6. Guests were also entertained by a magician, a delightful surprise planned by the couple.
  7. A photo booth with props added a dash of fun to the evening.
  8. The barn was transformed into a dance floor post-dinner, where guests grooved to popular tunes.
  9. The couple had their first dance under a canopy of fairy lights, a sight to behold.
  10. As the party wound down, guests were treated to a fireworks display, the perfect end to a perfect day.
Group Photos at Wick fame Bath: a large group of people posing for a picture.

Delving Deeper into the Rebecca and Jamie’s Special Day

Peering through the annals of Rebecca and Jamie’s special day, we find a series of moments wrapped in warmth, affection, and celebration. A day, that was a testament to their love, was as uniquely beautiful as the couple themselves.

Transportation and Arrival

Arriving in style is an unwritten law in the book of weddings. Adhering to this, Jamie made his entry in a classic Rolls Royce. The couple had arranged coaches for guests to ferry them from Bath and back, ensuring their journey was as smooth as the wedding itself. A fleet of charming vintage cars added a touch of nostalgia to the rustic backdrop of Wick Farm.

  1. Vintage cars were on hand for transporting guests around the grounds of Wick Farm.
  2. The classic Rolls Royce served as a stunning photo prop.
  3. The couple thoughtfully arranged coaches for guests traveling from Bath.
  4. The transportation arrangements reflected the couple’s attention to detail.
  5. The sight of vintage cars against the rustic backdrop made for memorable wedding photography and Bath moments.
  6. The couple ensured that guest transportation was timely and seamless.
  7. The choice of vintage cars added a touch of nostalgia to the occasion.
  8. Guests were pleasantly surprised by the arrangement of the coaches.
  9. The comfortable and efficient transport helped set a positive tone for the day.
  10. The Rolls Royce added an element of grandeur to the couple’s entrance.

The Magic of the Evening

As the day transitioned into evening, the air filled with a sense of joyous anticipation. The setting sun threw a warm glow on Wick Farm, making the atmosphere feel even more magical. An elegant dinner was served in the barn, under a canopy of fairy lights. Delicate floral arrangements adorned the tables, casting a romantic hue over the proceedings.

  1. The barn, illuminated with fairy lights, provided a magical setting for the evening party.
  2. The floral centerpieces on each table added a touch of elegance to the dinner.
  3. The rustic barn contrasted beautifully with the delicate decor and soft lighting.
  4. Guests were served an array of dishes, each presented beautifully.
  5. A local band filled the air with music, inviting guests to sway and dance.
  6. Rebecca and Jamie shared their first dance under the twinkling lights, a moment that will forever be etched in their hearts.
  7. The evening was a perfect blend of intimate conversations, laughter, and shared memories.
  8. As night fell, the entire venue was aglow with a warmth that reflected the love shared by Isabel and Darren.
  9. The elegant dinner, music, and joyous atmosphere made the evening truly unforgettable.
  10. The sight of Isabel and Darren dancing, surrounded by their loved ones, made for some beautiful captures by the Wick Farm Wedding Photographer.

From morning to midnight, every moment of Rebecca and Jamie’s wedding was steeped in love and joy. It was a day that not only celebrated their union but also the coming together of two families, a day where every detail reflected the couple’s thoughtfulness and attention to detail. It was a day that will forever be remembered by everyone present – a day that truly celebrated love.

Party at Wick Farm bath:a bride and groom standing on a set of steps.

Lastly, an exceptional mention to our award-winning wedding photographer, Michael from TheFXWorks. With decades of experience and an unobtrusive style, he blended seamlessly into the proceedings, capturing beautiful candid moments and preserving them for eternity. His understanding of the day’s timeline and close collaboration with the couple ensured every important moment was captured, and every memory made immortal.

Remember, your wedding is your own personal fairytale. Don’t hesitate to let your imagination run wild. For more tips and inspiration, visit reputable wedding planning websites like The Knot, Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, and WeddingWire. Each provides a wealth of resources, from real weddings to planning tips, to make your big day as special as Rebecca and Jamie’s. Happy Planning!