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Bride & Groom confetti photo at St Marys on the Orchardleigh Estate

Allow me to streamline the intricate dance of securing your wedding photographer. £1495.00

We capture the entirety of your special day, from the pre-wedding preparations to the magical first dance—all in a collection exclusively yours. No limitations on the number of snapshots; if we capture it, you receive it. Your memories unfold in an online gallery, and for your convenience, all images are provided on a USB drive, granting you copyright freedom. Elevate your memories with a stunning landscape coffee table wedding album, ensuring your love story is preserved in timeless elegance.

“As a special treat from us to you, your wedding dance will not just be captured, but immortalized in stunning 8K resolution! Consider it our complimentary gift to you, ensuring every twirl, dip, and step is preserved in breathtaking detail. This is our way of adding an extra sparkle to your magical day!”

A bride in a wedding dress standing in a field at sunset. at St Andries Park Wedding Photographer

Here’s a simple list outlining the coverage of our photography services:

  1. Morning Preparations.
  2. Guests Arrival.
  3. The Stars of the Day Arrive.
  4. The Vows.
  5. Signing of the Register.
  6. Documenting Drinks Reception.
  7. Ten-Minute Stroll with the Newlyweds to Capture a Few Quiet Moments (Should You Wish!)
  8. Photos of the Wedding Party.
  9. Formal Groups (we highly recommend no more than five – check out this link).
  10. The Speeches.
  11. Cutting of the Wedding Cake.
  12. First Dance.
  13. Thirty Minutes of Party Time.
  14. Documenting your wedding throughout your wedding day, you will have many beautiful and truly natural images taken, the perfect way to capture your wedding.

Rest assured, we are committed to capturing every meaningful moment of your special day. You only need to look at this gallery of reportage wedding photography.