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"Wedding Photography Bath - Your Bath Wedding Photographer

Bride and Groom at Orchardleigh House Weddings
Bath Wedding Photography Bailbrook Hotel

 “Elevate Your Wedding Memories with Exquisite Wedding Photography in Bath by Michael & Tracy. Our Renowned Wedding Photography Bath Services Encapsulate Every Cherished Moment, Offering Unlimited Image Capture and Dual Photography & Videography Packages to Immortalize Your Extraordinary Day with Timeless Elegance.”

Wedding Photographer Bath taking a photo of the bride
Orchardleigh Wedding Photographer sparklers at the wedding

Capturing the Essence of Your Special Day with Professional Wedding Photography & Video Bath, Bristol, and the South West – Your Highly Recommended Choice at Celebrated Wedding Venues Including Orchardleigh House/Elmhay Park.

Got any burning questions about our Wedding Photography Service? Curious about photography in general? Or maybe there's a pesky query about planning your wedding that just won't leave you alone? Fear not! Our friendly Bot is here to help 24/7 Just ask away, and consider those questions answered!

Bath Wedding Photographer Michael

Meet Michael, your go-to documentary wedding photographer nestled in the heart of Bath. With a penchant for capturing genuine and unscripted moments, Michael's distinctive style encapsulates the essence of your special day. Offering seamless all-day coverage, he ensures there's no limit to the multitude of images you'll receive. Each photograph is a masterpiece in its own right, meticulously crafted to tell your unique story.

Over 57 Five-Star Google Reviews

Highly praised by delighted clients, Michael boasts an impressive 57 five-star Google reviews, a testament to his exceptional skills. His expertise is sought after at renowned venues, including the enchanting Orchardleigh House and the picturesque Elmhay Park.

Allow Michael to unfold the narrative of your wedding day through his lens, delivering a collection of beautiful and individually crafted memories. As a local Bath wedding photographer, his commitment is to preserve the authenticity of your special moments, creating a visual legacy that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Delight in the unscripted beauty of your wedding day with our premium Bath wedding photography services. At The Fx Works, we believe in capturing authentic moments rather than staged shots. Our approach is simple: “Live the moment, don’t pose for it.” From spontaneous smiles to joyful dances, we capture the essence of your celebration.

Your Orchardleigh House Wedding Photographer

“Welcome to The Fx Works, your prime choice for professional wedding photography Bath, Bristol, and the remarkable Orchardleigh Estate. As an award-winning Somerset wedding photographer, we excel in narrating your unique love story through our lens. Whether celebrating at the exquisite Orchardleigh House or elsewhere in the beautiful Bath region, we are committed to making your wedding day memorable through timeless photographs that you will cherish forever.”

Bride and groom at Orchardleigh House - Bath wedding photography
Bride putting on her white lace boots at a wedding in Bath Avon UK

Your Dedicated Wedding Photographer Bath and Beyond

“Unforgettable, Stylish, and Natural: We believe in capturing the authentic, candid moments that make your wedding special. With our documentary-based approach, we eschew unnatural or awkward poses in favor of genuine emotions and experiences. We provide unique Wedding Photography Bath, Orchardleigh Estate, and Somerset, photographing your love story as it unfolds.

Wedding Photographer Bath: woman with a veil over her head.

The Preferred Wedding Photographer on the Orchardleigh Estate & Elmhay Park

“Personalized Experience: Your wedding is a unique narrative, and your Wedding Photography should reflect that. We prioritize understanding your individual style and preferences and building a lasting relationship that enhances your photography experience. As your dedicated wedding photographers in Somerset, we are devoted to making your day memorable, capturing each moment on the stunning Orchardleigh Estate & Elmhay Park Frome with a personalized touch.

 Invisibly Present: Your Discreet Wedding Photographers

“Invisibly Present: With our expertise and experience, we ensure we’re present at the right places at the right moments without interrupting the natural flow of your special day. Our discreet approach allows us to capture stunning moments effortlessly, making us a preferred choice for Wedding Photography in Bath and Orchardleigh.”

Detail-Oriented Wedding Photography That Captures Every Nuance

Finer Details: Michael and Tracy ” Michael and Tracy bring a unique dynamic to your day, ensuring all the finer details are perfect – from the bride’s dress, makeup, and hair to the venue decor. This meticulous attention to detail ensures your Wedding Photography Bath elegantly captures the essence of your special day at Bath, Orchardleigh House, and Elmhay Park Frome.”

A woman in a white dress walking down the street. The new way to shoot weddings

Capturing Your Unique Love Story with Style and Creativity

Trust in The Fx Works for stunning Wedding Photography in Bath, Orchardleigh, and throughout Somerset. Michael & Tracy, your dedicated Bath wedding photographers, are passionate about capturing the beauty and authenticity of your unique love story. Our portfolio spans high-profile clients and collaborations with renowned companies, showcasing our style, creativity, and years of experience in narrating love stories through timeless images.”

Our portfolio includes work with many high-profile clients, including 911, Bewitched, Elderbrook, Paddy Brennan, Connie Fisher, West End stars, Prodigy, and many more.

In our journey as professional wedding photographers in Somerset, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with renowned companies such as HELLO Magazine, Disney, Sony, and Sky Sports. We’re eager to bring our style, creativity, and years of experience to tell your love story through timeless images.

Recommended Wedding Photographer and Videographer for Orchardleigh House Weddings

“We are honored to be the recommended Wedding Photographers and videographers for weddings at the exquisite Orchardleigh House. Our unwavering commitment to capturing beautiful moments and delivering exceptional service has made us a trusted choice for couples planning their special day at this stunning Bath venue.”

Stress-Free Wedding Photography Experience in Bath and Orchardleigh

“Hiring a professional wedding photographer ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience on your big day. From choosing the best locations to coordinating with your wedding planner, we manage the entire process. So, you can relax and cherish every moment while we capture your wedding in Bath and on the Orchardleigh Estate, creating timeless memories for you to revisit.”

Start Your Journey with The Fx Works

Wedding planning should be fun! Share your wedding details with us and embark on a journey of creating timeless memories. Our expert wedding photography services are tailored just for you. 

Why We Love Being Wedding Photographers in Bath and Orchardleigh

When you think of a romantic setting for your special day, Bath, with its historic charm and stunning architecture, undoubtedly comes to mind. As local wedding photographers, we consider ourselves lucky to capture special moments in such a picturesque location. Here’s why we love being Bath and Orchardleigh wedding photographers:

Bath’s Unique Charm For Your Wedding Photography

Bath’s beautiful parks, warm inviting atmosphere, and historic architecture make the perfect backdrop for any wedding…

Photo of Stunning Bride sitting on a chair in Bath UK

Experience Stress-Free Wedding Photography in Bath and Orchardleigh

Enlist the services of a Professional Wedding Photographer to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience on your wedding day. We manage the entire process – from choosing the best locations to coordinating with your wedding planner – so you can cherish every moment of your special day. Trust The Fx Works, your dedicated Wedding photographer Bath and on the Orchardleigh Estate and Elmhay Park.


Orchardleigh Wedding Photography of a bride and Groom with Sparklers

“As you prepare for your special day, envision capturing the moments that define the essence of your love story. At The Fx Works, nestled in the heart of Bath, we take immense pride in crafting cherished memories that transcend time.

Our expertise in wedding photography bathed in the serene beauty of Bath and the Orchardleigh Estate promises an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. With each click of the shutter, we immortalize the genuine emotions, the unscripted laughter, and the heartfelt glances, painting an authentic portrayal of your celebration.

Step into our world of wedding photography where every image narrates a story – a tale woven with dedication, creativity, and a passion for preserving your unique journey. Bath, adorned with its picturesque charm and historic allure, becomes the canvas for your extraordinary day.

Imagine strolling through Bath’s captivating parks, relishing the warm embrace of its inviting atmosphere, and reveling in the exquisite architecture that forms a breathtaking backdrop to your most cherished moments.

Our commitment extends beyond mere Wedding photography Bath; it’s about understanding your narrative, your style, and your desires. With our discreet presence and a keen eye for detail, we capture the nuances, the candid whispers, and the finer elements that add depth to your tale.

Envision a stress-free wedding photography experience where every aspect, from the choice of locations to the coordination with your wedding planner, is seamlessly managed. Trust us to encapsulate every facet of your special day – from the grandeur of the Orchardleigh Estate to the quaint charm of Elmhay Park.

For us, being Bath and Orchardleigh wedding photographers isn’t just a profession; it’s an honor. Bath’s unique charm amplifies the beauty of your celebration, and our passion is to preserve these moments for eternity.

Intrigued? Let us be your dedicated wedding photographer, ensuring that your journey from engagement to “I do” is perfectly captured. Reach out, share your vision, and embark on this enchanting voyage with The Fx Works – where your love story is etched in the timeless beauty of Bath.”