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Simon & Brena

Wow wow wow-just watched our wedding gallery and omg its amazing!! We’re so happy, we couldn’t have wished for anything better than what you have given us. Thank you soooooo much” mike you did such a fantastic job as our wedding photographer in Somerset, the photos brought tears to my eyes, they are beautiful all we can say is wow!!!!!

June & Daniel

I’m sure we have thanked you 100x already but honestly, you and Tracy were professional as well as relaxed from start to finish and actually made our day even more amazing! There were tears from the bride and groom and family when we saw the photos the final results are amazing!!! I suffer anxieties but not once did you make me feel uncomfortable ( I don’t like being centre of attention) but you just kept everything focused and allowed us to get all photos done! Thank you so much for absolutely everything! I will stop going on now, but we will highly recommend you and sure there will be something that you will be booked, for the future.

Rebecca & Jamie

Arrived home from honeymoon to our gorgeous wedding photographs; we are just blown away. I have watched the Blueray gallery 100 times already and will cherish it forever! The fx works were by far the best thing we did when planning our wedding. Thank you, Mike and Tracy, for being professional photographers on the best day of our lives. Keep doing your amazing work – you will make many people very happy x

Mr And Mrs Cook Xx

No words that I write will express just how happy my husband and I are with our choice of photographer. We opted for the ultimate package and both mike and Tracy were amazing on our wedding day. They both kept us at ease, were unobtrusive and helped us relax. The wedding gallery is amazing all of our photos are beautiful, it’s so much more than we ever expected and I can not thank both mike and Tracy enough. I highly recommend the fx works for any couple getting married. Thank you so much to you both…

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Please do take a look at my other work, you will soon realise that photography
to me is more that a profession, it's my passion

About Your Award-Winning Wedding Photographer in Bath, Michael Gane.

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Photography Experience.

I've been involved in the photography and videography of weddings in Somerset and internationally for over 30 years.

During this time, I've had the pleasure of working with companies, such as HELLO Magazine, Disney, Sony, Sky Sports. And, of course, being a Wedding Photographer in Bath for many beautiful couples on their wedding day.

Wedding Photography.

I take great pride in showcasing the beauty of Somerset. When you have fantastic scenery, capturing special moments with a wide range of still images and complementing them with cinematic film is a joy. Within Somerset lies the most sought after place for a wedding. And, that's Bath. As a Wedding Photographer in Bath, I can assure you Bath is ingrained in a professional wedding photographer's mind as the holy grail for wedding photography.

It makes for the best that this beautiful part of the world has to offer. The area has so many picturesque towns it brings out some of my best work as a Bath Wedding Photographer. The picturesque scenery goes on for miles.

Bath Wedding Photographer.

Are you planning on getting married in Bath? And have you been searching for top quality wedding photography? You've come to the right place.

My clients become friends as we engage with you to make sure your day is unforgettable. So, please call me Mike.

From my years of experience, I fully understand the enormous amount of planning and preparation that goes into one of the biggest days of your life. As a Wedding Photographer in Bath, I ensure that it'll be one of those moments you never forget.

So, getting to know you personally and spending time with you as far in advance as possible reaps great rewards on the day for you and me as your wedding photographer. If you are in the Bath area that's great but we are more than happy to travel outside Bath and even set up a preliminary shoot in Bath or not.

Remember the work I conduct for you on the day will last longer than a lifetime, so preparation is the key. Bath Somerset lends itself to an amazing occasion. Still, special moments for couples need photographers to get it right for stunning results.

Once we are comfortable with each other, it shows on the day. The images, video and photos become natural and enhance the entire experience of wedding photography.

I absolutely love taking photos of people but also things in everyday life that capture my attention. Also, living in this beautiful county of Somerset provides wonderful and unique scenery for landscape photography, and enhances your Bath wedding experience. There are amazing hidden gems just on our doorstep. My approach lends itself to your very own unique and special story.

Of course, people will tell you that style is paramount; this comment is true when considering the finished photography. Still, if you are speaking in terms of how to capture those images, then the wedding photography and videography is absolutely about your style; that's paramount, not my style. My approach, as has been over many years, is to match you as a couple. You must feel confident and at ease with me as your wedding photographer. Your personalities will shine through, and the results will be stunning.

As a Bath wedding photographer, one thing I love to do is spend a little time with couples to get and capture their images away from the guests. I want to work closely with every one of my clients to ensure the photos are natural. If you love beautiful, natural and not pre-contrived wedding photography, then we will be a perfect match. I make no apologies when I say those unnatural, at times, embarrassing poses are not part of my technique. My wife and I want to bring you a documentary based approach that enhances every moment of your wedding experience. We always like to be creative but not intrusive.

What I look to achieve is to enhance how you feel on your wedding day that becomes evident in your photographs. In my early years, I was heavily influenced by magazine photography, as it takes and captures both light and life without over-editing.

I have always felt that wedding photography should be taken with passion and fun; this powerfully translates into the final image. Indeed, wedding photography is a powerful medium of expression and communication, which is perfect for capturing those little moments of your big day.

In my experience, your Bath wedding photographer should be everywhere on the day but hardly be seen; unfortunately, wedding photographers have a habit of being the opposite.

Picture the scene where throughout your wedding day, you are catching up with family and friends and having fun. However, your Bath wedding photographer and the person conducting your documentary-style video is continually interrupting and being demanding of you. I always look to ensure that everything is natural, and you concentrate on enjoying your friends and family while we conduct award-winning results.

I call this 'the art of understanding space'. Once you have chosen a venue, a photographer should work diligently to understand how space and logistics can work to create the finest outcome. I consider daylight hours, including the number of guests and find the right amount of time to be spent inside and outside of the venue and assembly rooms. As a photographer, I make sure I am not in your way. Photographers take years to master this art.

As your wedding photographer, I look to devise a plan for the day. We discuss what primary and secondary photos and video you prefer from our range of options—allowing me to cover the space effectively to ensure a premium style documentary wedding. We want you to be relaxed while we take on getting creative and enhance your story.

We have had the fabulous privilege of photographing Bath weddings in the beautiful county of Somerset for years and have recorded numerous Bath weddings here and of course farther afield across the UK. As a stand-out recommendation, weddings in Bath have been by far our most picturesque.

Bristol is nearby, and we have had numerous successful shoots around the Bristol area. However, wedding photographers who know the UK industry will back me on this when I say weddings in Bath are by far their most sought after projects. There is a mass of suitable venues that you will want to go back to even after your wedding.

My beautiful wife, Tracy, works alongside me before and during the day. We have had many happy years of photography and videography together at Bath weddings.

Tracy adds the feminine touch to the finer details and always ensures the brides dress, makeup and hair are looking beautiful for the day. She also ensures the romantic images are stunning, and you are relaxed as that is one of the keys we look to provide, is the least amount of stress. When couples are comfortable and relaxed, the best moments will be captured at all weddings.

As a team, we really love to get to know you and between us can give you helpful tips and advice that you may not have considered for your Bath or Bristol wedding.

We are here to provide you with the best service available and ensure your memories last forever. So, please get in touch with me for your Bath wedding we would love to hear from you. I will be able to recommend a number of wedding venues. If you are not looking for a Bath wedding, I can recommend many wedding venues across the UK, not only Bath, Somerset.

Remember, a lot goes into weddings, so we like to help you find venues as part of our service. We work all over the UK even down South. The South also has a great variety of options that we are happy to go back to, putting in the miles is no issue to get the optimum result. Photographers are a different breed, and we are prepared to travel miles to any city or location if it appeals to a photographers eye. Even though Bristol is nearby, we are ready to travel miles for your wedding.