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Orchardleigh House Estate Weddings

Orchardleigh House Estate, Somerset: a picturesque, aristocratic embodiment of dreamlike romance. Few places offer the unique amalgamation of grandeur and intimacy, a sentiment Georgina and Anthony second. Their wedding here was a charming blend of pastel palettes and personalized decors, all perfectly captured by an award-winning wedding photographer. Let’s take a detailed look at their wedding.

The Venue: Orchardleigh House Estate

The Orchardleigh House Estate in Somerset is a historic venue drenched in Victorian charm.

  • Its main highlight: the stately Orchardleigh House, standing majestically amidst lush, manicured gardens and serenading lakes.
  • The estate houses a quaint church, St. Mary’s, ideally secluded for the perfect vows.
  • Offering a sumptuous mix of elegance and comfort, the 42-bedroom accommodation exudes an aura of home away from home.
  • It boasts a handicap-friendly environment with amenities designed to ensure a seamless experience for differently-abled guests.
  • There’s ample parking for guests, effectively solving the logistical puzzle of big weddings.
  • Its on-site restaurant serves a delectable mix of local and international cuisines.
  • Orchardleigh offers in-house catering, excelling in both taste and presentation.
  • With a seating capacity of 162 in the main hall, no guest is left standing.
  • The location is a perfect balance of accessibility and secluded charm.
  • Reviews reveal a glowing endorsement of the estate’s wedding services.
Orchardleigh Wedding Photographer: a girl with a flower crown on her head.

Flowers and Decor

The florals were a melange of English roses, peonies, and green foliage.

  • A delicate archway of flowers marked the entrance.
  • Table centerpieces were beautifully adorned with roses, creating a timeless appeal.
  • The bridesmaids held miniature versions of Georgina’s bouquet, keeping a consistent floral theme.
  • The couple chose a soft pastel palette of blush and cream, adding to the romantic ambiance.
  • Personalized decor elements, like hand-painted signs, were prevalent.
  • Candles and fairy lights added warmth and intimacy to the grand venue.
  • Vintage props were used, giving the wedding a classic touch.
  • The flower arrangements were carefully designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the wedding photography.
  • White drapes lined the walkways, adding a dreamy touch.
  • The cake, an elegant three-tiered affair, was adorned with fresh flowers and delicately iced.


Arriving in style, Georgina and Anthony chose a classic Rolls Royce Phantom for their ride.

  • Vintage cars were available for the wedding party.
  • A detailed timeline was established to ensure a smooth transportation flow.
  • Shuttle service was provided for guests from different accommodations.
  • The chauffeur service was prompt and professional.
  • The wedding photographer made excellent use of the vehicles for unique wedding photography.
  • They ensured guests’ comfort by providing transportation facilities.
  • The couple made their exit in the same classic car, a perfect photo-op.
  • Local taxi services were also available for the guests.
  • They even arranged for a horse-drawn carriage, giving the event a royal touch.
  • The vehicles were coordinated to match the wedding’s color theme.
Weddings at Orchardleigh House: a bride and groom posing for a picture in the woods.


With 42 well-appointed rooms, the Orchardleigh House Estate ensured a comfortable stay for all the guests.

  • Every room is designed with a unique style, ensuring a luxurious stay.
  • The bridal suite, overlooking the parkland, was a picturesque haven for the newlyweds.
  • Guests praised the plush bedding and well-equipped bathrooms.
  • The Victorian architecture added to the charm of the accommodation.
  • The house staff ensured a warm welcome and efficient service for all guests.
  • The rooms were spacious, offering beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes.
  • The estate also housed a lodge and cottages for guests desiring privacy.
  • The tranquillity of the location ensured a restful stay for all guests.
  • Georgina and Anthony chose a room with a grand fireplace, adding a romantic touch to their wedding photography.
  • Overall, the accommodation received rave reviews from all the guests.

Now, about the man behind the lens: the talented wedding photographer, Michael. An award-winning professional, he captured the essence of Georgina and Anthony’s wedding. With his deft skills, he shot an extraordinary series of photos that narrated the tale of their love.

  • Michael’s style is a blend of reportage and candid photography.
  • He works with high-end equipment, ensuring top-notch image quality.
  • Known for his understanding of the day’s timeline, Michael never misses an important moment.
  • A local of Bath, his familiarity with Somerset adds depth to his work.
  • Reviews applaud his ability to capture the subtleties of emotions.
  • His experience gives him an edge in handling wedding day pressures.
  • He works with a ‘client-first’ approach, putting couples at ease.
  • He specializes in utilizing natural light, which is reflected in his stunning photos.
  • He is known for his punctuality and professionalism.
  • His award-winning work speaks for his authority in the field of wedding photography.

Indeed, Georgina and Anthony’s wedding was a celebration of timeless love. It was made even more memorable by the stunning venue, beautiful decor, well-organized transportation, comfortable accommodation, and Michael’s incredible wedding photography.

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Orchardleigh House Photographer: a bride and groom embracing each other in front of trees.