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What to ask the Venue?

Questions to ask Venue will help make your edding day run smoothly.

1) What dates are available for the wedding?

2) What is the maximum capacity of the venue and how many guests can comfortably be accommodated?

3) What are the rental fees and what is included in the rental package?

4) What is the deposit required to secure the date

5) What is the cancellation policy?

6) Are there any restrictions on the vendors that can be used, or do you have a preferred vendor list?

7) Can we bring in our own caterer or do you have an in-house caterer?

8) Is there a ceremony fee, and what does it include?

9) Are there any restrictions on the decor or setup of the venue?

10) What is the time frame for the wedding, including set up and take down times?

11) Is there onsite parking available?

12) What is the policy for alcohol and is there a corkage fee?

13) Are there any noise restrictions or curfews?

14) Are there any additional services or amenities available, such as a bridal suite or catering kitchen?

15) What is the process for making changes to the contract or rental agreement?


Just a few of the Questions to ask Venues


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