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a group of women standing next to each other. Seymours Court Wedding Photographer

20% Discount on Premium Wedding Photography at Seymours Court Rudge Frome

If you’re looking for an exquisite wedding location and high-quality photography services, then look no further than Seymours Court in Rudge, Frome. Known for its stunning vistas, convenient accessibility, and sumptuous menu options, this location is now offering a 20% discount on wedding photography by premium wedding photographer Michael of thefxworks.

a group of women standing next to each other. Seymours Court by Local Wedding Photographer


Seymours Court is a jewel set in the pastoral beauty of Rudge, Frome. The picturesque setting serves as an ideal backdrop for capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments, perfect for any Wedding Photographer at Seymours Court Frome.


Wick Farm Wedding Photographer a man and a woman standing next to each other. Wedding Photography Prices UK. Seymours Court Local Wedding Expert

The venue is conveniently accessible via multiple modes of transport. Whether you’re a local or flying in from another city, getting to Seymours Court is hassle-free, making it easier for your chosen Wedding Photographer Bath to capture your special day.


Not only will the photography be flawless with a 20% discount, but the culinary offerings at Seymours Court are top-notch as well. With a menu that appeals to a variety of taste buds, your wedding is sure to be a gastronomical delight.


Worried about parking? Seymours Court offers ample parking space to ensure that guests, as well as your wedding photographer Seymours Court, have a hassle-free experience.

Michael of thefxworks: Your Premium Wedding Photographer

Adding icing to the cake is the 20% discount on premium photography services offered by Michael of thefxworks. Known for his artistic vision and technical expertise, Michael Frome Wedding Photographer will capture your special day in the most beautiful and emotive manner.

Why Choose Michael of thefxworks for Your Wedding Photography?

a couple of women standing next to each other in front of a cake at Seymours Court Beckington Rudge Frome

While the venue and amenities are important, what truly immortalizes your wedding day are the photographs. This is where Michael of thefxworks excels. His expertise in the evolution of wedding photography from staged to spontaneous moments means you’ll receive a balanced and breathtaking portfolio.

Benefits of the 20% Discount

The 20% discount on wedding photography at Seymours Court in Rudge, Frome is not just a monetary saving. It’s an opportunity to invest in higher-quality albums, or perhaps even extend your photography coverage to capture more of your special day. This makes it an irresistible deal for any Wedding Photographer at Seymours Court Frome.

What’s Included in the Photography Package?

When you book Michael of thefxworks, Wedding Photographer Frome you’re not just getting a photographer; you’re getting an experience. The package includes pre-wedding consultations, an extensive coverage of your wedding day, post-production work, and a beautifully crafted wedding album that will serve as a lifetime keepsake.

Additional Services

Seymours Court Frome: a bride and groom walking down a path with their flower girl.

Additional services like drone photography and videography can also be added to your package, making Michael a versatile Wedding Photographer Bath. These services can bring an additional cinematic element to your wedding memories.

Testimonials and Past Work

Don’t just take our word for it; you can view Michael’s exceptional work in the Gallery and read testimonials from satisfied couples who opted for his photography services for their weddings at Seymours Court.

Seal Your Moments with a 20% Discount at Seymours Court

When it comes to weddings, every detail counts, and with the 20% discount on premium wedding photography at Seymours Court in Rudge, Frome, you can ensure those details are captured beautifully. With accessibility, ample parking, and a luxurious menu, Seymours Court already sets the stage for a perfect wedding. Adding Michael of thefxworks to the equation, especially at a discounted rate, only amplifies the allure of this venue. Contact Frome Wedding Photographer Michael.

Your wedding deserves nothing less than perfection, and this special offer brings you one step closer to achieving that. Do not miss the chance to immortalize your special day through the lens of a premium Wedding Photographer at Seymours Court Frome.

Ready to make a booking or want to know more? You can check out some of Michael’s previous work at Seymours Court in this Gallery.