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A bride and groom playing with a large white ball. The new way to shoot your wedding

Wedding Photography, The Future Of Capturing Your Wedding Day

“Ready to jazz up your 2024 wedding photos? Choose the ‘Skip the Traditional’ 100 % Documentary style and score a whopping 10% discount! Just give us a nod in your email by ticking this box! When you contact us.  📸💃🕺”

Let’s break this down into snappy bullet points with a dash of explanation:

  • No More Posed Shots: Say goodbye to forced smiles. Authentic is the new aesthetic.
  • Smiling at the Camera? Nah: Capture genuine grins, not rehearsed ones. The camera loves the real you.
  • Forget Gathering Formal Groups: Ditch the roll call. Let’s focus on the spontaneous group hugs and laughter instead.
  • No More Being Hitched to the Photographer: Your wedding day isn’t a photo shoot. We let you enjoy your moments while we quietly capture them.
  • Party is the New Norm: Why just document when you can celebrate? Partying is the modern lens through which your wedding day is captured.

a woman in a wedding dress is trying to get into a dress.

Wedding bells are ringing, but they’re echoing a new tune. Long gone are the days of stiff, uncomfortable group photos, where you’d assemble like sardines in a can with your third cousin twice removed. Nah, that’s so last decade! What couples are jamming to nowadays is the raw, real, emotion-filled snippets that encapsulate their big day. We’re talking documentary-style, candid, fly-on-the-wall kind of moments. That’s right, the world of Wedding Photography in Bath and beyond is getting a 21st-century upgrade, and we’re here for it. 🎉

The Social Media Effect

A bride and groom laughing as they cut their wedding cake. Capturing the Wedding as it happens

The major game-changer? You guessed it, social media. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have given couples a buffet of inspiration, leaving the clichés at the door. Why settle for cookie-cutter when you can have personalized ones? With filters and hashtags galore, the social media era has made us all mini-photographers, aiming for those swoon-worthy shots that tell a story.

A woman in a white dress walking down the street. The new way to shoot weddings

Why Documentary-Style?

  1. Authenticity: Real smiles > forced smiles. Every time.
  2. No Interruptions: Why break the dance-off with Uncle Bob for a posed photo?
  3. Memories: Capture the moments you didn’t even know happened.
  4. Fun: Let’s be honest, it’s simply more enjoyable.

A bride and groom laughing as they walk down the street.

Our Approach at Michael Gane Wedding Photography

Enough about the industry—let’s talk about us. As a dedicated Wedding Photographer in Bath, our approach harmonizes with this modern zeitgeist. We blend into the background, capturing those unrehearsed giggles, the happy tears, and yes, even that hilarious face you make when catching the bouquet. We aim to document the day as it unfolds naturally, preserving the very essence that makes your union unique.

Need some tips on handling the unexpected during your wedding? Our guide on how to handle wedding problems has got you covered.

So, ready to ditch the stale and embrace the spontaneous? Your wedding album will thank you. Trust us.

A bride and groom running down a street. the way to document you wedding day

The Unseen Artists: How We Blend In For The Perfect Shot

If you’ve ever been to an art gallery, you’ll notice something interesting—people seldom pay attention to the artists behind the masterpieces. They’re engrossed in the artwork, the strokes, the colors, and the emotions they evoke. The artist is the unseen orchestrator, and that’s precisely our philosophy when it comes to being your Wedding Photographer in Bath.

The Art of Unobtrusiveness

You won’t find us directing traffic or halting festivities for a photo-op. Oh no, we’re more like wedding ninjas—sleek, silent, and always in the right spot at the right time. We unobtrusively mix in with your guests, capturing not just you, but also their genuine reactions. It’s these unscripted moments, after all, that make your wedding album a holistic narrative rather than just a visual timeline.

A bride and groom laughing on a carousel ride. Just real life wedding photography

Benefits of Having an Unobtrusive Photographer

  • Less Stress: No need to fret about posed shots.
  • More Fun: Keeps the celebration rolling without interruption.
  • Pure Emotion: The candid nature of the photography captures raw feelings.
  • Surprise Element: Discover moments you may have missed.

A bride and groom walking down an alleyway. candid Wedding Photographer

From “I Do” to Dancefloor: We’ve Got It All Covered

Say you’re reading your vows, eyes locked on your significant other. The last thing you want is to feel a lens intruding on this intimate moment. That’s where our expertise shines. We navigate through your ceremony and reception, catching those meaningful instances while preserving the sacredness of your special moments.

Are you concerned about walking down the aisle? If you’re not sure who should accompany you, our insights on who you might walk down the aisle with can give you some food for thought.

A bride looking at herself in the mirror. Wedding Photographer Bath

So, How Do We Do It?

A dash of experience, a sprinkle of technique, and a whole lot of love for what we do. By using high-quality equipment and employing a keen eye for detail, we capture shots that echo the day’s sentiment.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Preparation: We scout the location beforehand.
  2. Discretion: Utilizing lenses that allow us to shoot from a distance.
  3. Timing: Mastering the knack for clicking at the peak emotional point.

So, from saying “I do” to cutting a rug on the dancefloor, rest easy knowing we’re there but not “there.” It’s your day, we’re just framing it.

Two brides laughing in their wedding dresses.o staged wedding photos

Capturing The Party, Not Pausing It: Why We’re The Perfect Blend For Your Big Day

So, you’ve planned, prepped, and Pinterest-ed the heck out of your dream wedding. You’ve even rethought the old-school norms of wedding photography—out with the staged, in with the spontaneous! Now, the cherry on top: finding the right photographer who gets you. And that, dear friends, could very well be us. 📸

The Perfect Blend

Why are we the ideal pick? Simple. If you love the sound of “you won’t spend your day with your photographers” and are vibing with the idea of “we party” whilst we capture, then you’ve found the perfect blend in us. It’s like finding that last piece of the puzzle—it just fits!

A bride and groom dressed in kilts are laughing together. documentary Wedding Photographer

What Makes Our Style Unique

  • Experience: Years in the Wedding Photography Bath scene.
  • Technique: Mastering the craft for that perfect shot.
  • Emotion: We capture love, laughter, and everything in between.
FeatureWhy It’s Awesome
Candid ShotsKeeps it real
DocumentaryTells a story
UnobtrusiveWe’re like ninjas

A wedding dress hangs on a bed with flowers.

Still Not Convinced?

If you’re still on the fence, consider this—your wedding photos are more than just keepsakes. They’re timeless memories, snapshots that tell your unique love story. And wouldn’t you want that story to be as genuine as possible? To relive your wedding day, not as a directed film but as it truly was—a celebration of love, a gathering of family and friends, and, most importantly, a party! For more fun wedding ideas, check out our list of creative ways to make your wedding more enjoyable.


Finding the right wedding photographer is no small feat, but if our philosophy resonates with you, then it’s a match made in matrimonial heaven. At Michael Gane Wedding Photographer in the City of Bath, we’re not just taking photos; we’re capturing fleeting moments that will last a lifetime.

Ready to commit? Let’s make your wedding day a visual tale worth telling, and retelling. For more on what makes us tick, head over to www.thefxworks.co.uk.

Terms and Conditions – Choosing the 100% Purely Documentary Style

By selecting the “100% Purely Documentary” style for your 2024 wedding photography, you are embracing a fresh and authentic approach to capturing your special day. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. No More Posed Shots: Say goodbye to forced smiles. Authentic is the new aesthetic. We won’t ask you to strike unnatural poses or create staged moments. Instead, we focus on capturing the real emotions and genuine interactions that make your day unique.
  2. Smiling at the Camera? Nah: We believe in capturing genuine grins, not rehearsed ones. Our photographers won’t interrupt your moments to have you smile at the camera. The camera loves the real you, and that’s what we aim to showcase.
  3. Forget Gathering Formal Groups: Ditch the roll call. Let’s focus on the spontaneous group hugs, laughter, and heartfelt moments. We won’t waste time arranging formal group shots. Instead, we’ll be there to document the natural connections and joy that unfold.
  4. No More Being Hitched to the Photographer: Your wedding day isn’t a photo shoot. We understand that you want to enjoy every moment without feeling like you’re constantly posing. Our approach is unobtrusive, allowing you to be present and savor your special day while we quietly capture the magic.
  5. Party is the New Norm: Why just document when you can celebrate? We believe that your wedding day should be a joyous celebration, not just a photo session. Our photographers embrace the party atmosphere and use it as a modern lens through which we capture the essence of your wedding day.

By choosing the “100% Purely Documentary” style, you’re opting for a wedding photography experience that prioritizes authenticity, spontaneity, and the celebration of your love. We’re here to tell your unique love story as it naturally unfolds.

Please note that this style may not include traditional posed shots or formal group portraits. Let’s create unforgettable memories together!

“This promotion is not combinable with any other ongoing special offers.”

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