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Breathtaking Backdrop for Unforgettable Weddings

Perched on a gentle slope in the city of Bath, amid 37 acres of verdant pastures, Wick Farm provides a breathtaking backdrop for unforgettable weddings. One wedding that still kindles fond memories is the marriage of Charlotte and James, an event that truly exemplified the charm and magic this venue offers.

The Wick Farm – More Than Just a Venue

Just seven miles from the historic Bath city centre, the Wick Farm boasts a beautifully restored 400-year-old barn, an ideal location for a wedding ceremony. However, this venue offers much more than just a place to exchange vows.

  1. The barn itself radiates a rustic charm, with oak beams and white stone walls, lending a touch of authenticity to the event.
  2. The venue offers ample parking for guests, ensuring a stress-free experience for everyone.
  3. For those requiring it, Wick Farm provides amenities for the disabled.
  4. The in-house bar and restaurant are known for their hospitality, offering a range of locally-sourced food and drink.
  5. Seating capacity is no issue, accommodating up to 132 people for the ceremony and 200 for the evening party.
  6. A short stroll around the venue unveils a beautiful lake, an ideal spot for photographs and casual meanderings.
  7. Several stunningly maintained gardens offer opportunities for outdoor ceremonies.
  8. Wedding Photography Bath, ensures that the picturesque venue is well-documented.
  9. Reviews about the venue are overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the attentive and friendly staff.
  10. The venue is easily accessible from Bath city centre, ensuring guests can arrive without complications.

A Floral Fantasy

Flowers, like words, communicate sentiments and emotions, playing an integral role in Charlotte and James’s wedding.

  1. Delicate roses, dainty daisies and aromatic lavender were strategically placed throughout the venue.
  2. The colour theme for the flowers was a rich combination of purples, whites and greens, lending a royal feel to the occasion.
  3. The couple’s wedding photographer was keen on capturing the floral theme, producing stunning wedding photography that became a keepsake of the event.
  4. Charlotte’s bouquet was a cascade of white roses, signifying her purity and grace.
  5. James’s boutonniere, a single white rose, was a nod to the traditional wedding customs.
  6. Floral decorations were minimal yet striking at the reception, keeping the focus on the newly-weds.
  7. Centrepieces on the dining tables were simple, yet elegant floral arrangements.
  8. The arch under which the couple exchanged their vows was draped with a stunning floral garland.
  9. The wedding cake was adorned with small sugar flowers, adding an extra layer of charm.
  10. As a final touch, flowers were incorporated into Charlotte’s hairstyle, creating a beautiful, romantic look.
Wick farm Weddings: Marriages in 2022:a man and a woman in a car.

All about the Time and Transport

When planning their special day, Charlotte and James carefully considered the timing of the ceremony and transport arrangements for their guests.

  1. The ceremony started at 2 PM, a perfect time for a wedding, according to most wedding planners.
  2. A local Bath bus company was hired to ensure all guests could travel easily between Bath city center and Wick Farm.
  3. James arrived in a classic vintage car, adding a touch of elegance and nostalgia to the day.
  4. Charlotte’s mode of transportation was a surprise – a charming horse-drawn carriage, much to the delight of the guests. 5. After the ceremony, guests had plenty of time to explore the grounds and enjoy the refreshments before the evening party commenced.

    1. The couple had organized taxis to return their guests to their accommodations after the evening party.
    2. Their thoughtful consideration of the timing meant the wedding photographer could capture the most memorable moments in the best lighting.
    3. The vintage car and the horse-drawn carriage also made for fantastic photography props.
    4. The venue is only a 20-minute drive from the city center, so travel for guests was convenient and stress-free.
    5. Charlotte and James ensured everyone had their transportation arranged well in advance, making their wedding a smoothly-run affair.

    Food, Fun, and a Farmhouse Feel

    An exceptional feature of Charlotte and James’s wedding was the range of entertainment and the in-house catering of Wick Farm.

    1. Their catering team crafted a menu of locally-sourced food, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.
    2. Guests were entertained by a lively folk band in the evening, adding to the rustic farmhouse atmosphere.
    3. The evening party entertainment included a photo booth, complete with props.
    4. All food and drink were included in the price, meaning guests could indulge without worry.
    5. The barn’s acoustics were ideal for live music, creating a rich, full sound.
    6. A dedicated children’s menu ensured the younger guests were well-fed.
    7. The open bar served a range of local ales, ciders, and wines.
    8. Wick Farm’s in-house catering left guests raving about the food for weeks after.
    9. The wedding cake, a simple three-tiered white cake adorned with flowers, was provided by a local baker.
    10. The reception dinner ended with a cheese board, featuring local Bath cheeses, rounding off a truly local experience.

    History and Beauty – The Charm of Wick Farm

    A venue is not just a location, but a silent participant in the event, and Wick Farm, rich in history and beauty, played a starring role in the day.

    1. Wick Farm dates back to the 14th century, adding a historical charm to the wedding.
    2. The venue offers views of the surrounding countryside, providing a serene and tranquil setting.
    3. The beautiful stone barn, where the ceremony was held, is a listed building.
    4. The history of the barn was eloquently explained by the staff to the interested guests.
    5. The farm is situated in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, making it a dream location for wedding photographer Bath.
    6. The serene surroundings encouraged guests to take leisurely strolls between the festivities.
    7. The lakeside provided a stunning background for the couple’s photoshoot.
    8. The sweeping landscapes provided endless opportunities for beautiful, candid photography.
    9. The presence of livestock in the distant fields added to the farm’s rustic charm.
    10. Despite its rural setting, the venue had excellent facilities and modern amenities for a comfortable experience.

    Finally, a significant portion of the wedding’s success was attributed to the experienced wedding photographer, Michael. His understanding of the venue, combined with his timing and eye for detail, meant every magical moment was beautifully captured. His reputation as an award-winning photographer was clearly seen in the stunning photos he produced.

    To conclude, planning a wedding is no small task. With so many variables to consider, couples can benefit from a host of online resources. Websites like The Knot.