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Winter Weddings - 15 Things to Consider for a Magical Day

Winter weddings hold a unique charm that many couples find irresistible. At thefxworks Photography, we've had the pleasure of capturing the magic of winter weddings, and we're here to share 15 reasons why they are truly enchanting.

Standing Out in the Season

One advantage of a winter wedding is its rarity. With fewer couples choosing this time of year, your wedding is bound to stand out. Plus, your guests are less likely to have wedding fatigue, making your celebration even more special.

More Supplier Availability

A bride and groom posing for a photo. Winter Wedding Tips

From January to March, venues and suppliers are often less busy, increasing your chances of securing your dream team. You might also find better deals on wedding dresses from previous seasons.

Embracing the Weather

Winter weddings require some planning for wet weather, and perhaps even snow or ice, especially if you're in a rural location. But fear not, you can have a cozy and warm wedding in a tent with the right preparations.

Seasonal Decorations

Late November and December weddings often come with built-in Christmas decorations at your venue. Coordinate with them to enhance your theme and create a festive atmosphere.

Enchanting Lighting

With the evenings growing darker earlier, you can make the most of atmospheric lighting. Fairy lights, tapered candles, and lanterns can transform your venue into a magical wonderland.

A man and woman hugging in the snow. Winter Weddings at Orchardleigh

Seasonal Flowers

Consider using seasonal flowers and foliage to infuse a festive feel into your wedding. Berries, feathers, ranunculus, and cosmos can add a touch of color and vibrancy.

Winter-Themed Ceremony

For pre-Christmas weddings, incorporating carols or Christmas-inspired readings can add a touch of seasonal magic to your ceremony.

Delectable Food and Drinks

Winter is the perfect season to indulge in warm drinks like mulled wine, cider, or hot chocolate for your ceremony. For the reception and wedding breakfast, classic Christmas cocktails can be a hit. Don't forget the comfort food, from bangers and mash to gingerbread men.

Thoughtful Favors

Winter offers a wealth of favor options your guests will love. Consider homemade cranberry sauce, hot chocolate bundles, tree decorations, or candles.

Winter Wedding Cake

Why not make a festive Christmas cake the centerpiece of your wedding cake? Alternatively, yule logs, red velvet, or chocolate fudge cakes are excellent choices.

Cozy Bridal Fashion

Winter weddings provide endless fashion opportunities. Think warm and stylish footwear, elegant cover-ups, and sparkling accessories to enhance your bridal look.

Embrace Velvet

Velvet is a standout fabric for winter weddings. Whether it's a velvet suit or a cover-up, it adds warmth and character to your attire.

Bold Winter Makeup

Darker lips, vampy nails, and a smokey eye can beautifully complement your winter wedding look.

Adjust Photography Plans

With shorter evenings, discuss with your photographer how to adapt your photography plans. Capture those golden winter sunsets and ensure you get all the shots that matter.

Share Your Winter Wedding Plans

We'd love to hear about your winter wedding plans. Be sure to check out our winter wedding Pinterest board for more inspiration. Thanks to our contributor Holly for sharing her insights on planning a winter wedding with small children.

In conclusion, winter weddings offer a unique and magical experience for couples. From seasonal decorations to cozy fashion and delightful food, there are countless ways to make your winter wedding truly enchanting. So embrace the season and create memories that will warm your hearts for years to come.


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