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Coombe Lodge

If, like me, you find the prospect of selecting the perfect wedding venue to be a heady mixture of daunting and exhilarating, then allow me to be your humble guide on a virtual tour of Coombe Lodge. Nestled in the Blagdon countryside, this Manor house, with its rustic charm and modern conveniences, is everything you’d dream of for a picture-perfect wedding.

The History of Coombe Lodge

Coombe Lodge, with its dignified stone facade, has a history that dates back to the 1930s. It was designed by Sir George Oatley, the architect celebrated for his remarkable contribution to Bristol’s cityscape. And here are 10 noteworthy historical bullet points:

  1. Coombe Lodge was initially a family home.
  2. The property was transformed into a venue in 2009.
  3. The house retains much of its original architecture.
  4. The original owner, William Rees-Mogg, was a notable local figure.
  5. During the war, it was requisitioned by the RAF.
  6. Post-war, it was utilized as an educational center.
  7. Coombe Lodge is a Grade II listed building, recognized for its historical and architectural significance.
  8. Its architectural style is influenced by Arts and Crafts movement.
  9. The venue underwent significant renovation in 2009.
  10. The splendid views over the Chew Valley and Mendip Hills have remained a constant backdrop over the decades.

You can read more about the history of this magnificent venue here.

The Grounds

The grounds are an idyllic mix of well-manicured lawns, vibrant flower beds, and old, sentinel trees that have witnessed a hundred love stories.

  1. The property is set within 15 acres of landscaped gardens.
  2. It has panoramic views of the Mendip Hills.
  3. There are plenty of picturesque spots for wedding photos.
  4. The ornamental pond is a highlight.
  5. The stone-built summer house is a perfect backdrop.
  6. There’s a convenient patio area for outdoor receptions.
  7. The garden can accommodate outdoor ceremonies.
  8. Its natural beauty minimizes the need for additional decorations.
  9. The grounds are maintained year-round, ensuring they’re always photo-ready.
  10. Both day and night, the views are breathtaking.

Parking for Guests

Ensuring your guests have a smooth arrival experience is paramount. Coombe Lodge excels here, too.

  1. There’s ample free parking.
  2. The car park is close to the venue for convenience.
  3. Guests can leave their cars overnight.
  4. It’s possible to arrange for valet parking.
  5. The driveway is wide and well-maintained.
  6. There are separate areas for wedding cars and guests.
  7. The car park can accommodate large vehicles.
  8. It’s well-lit for those late-night departures.
  9. The pathway from the car park to the venue is wheelchair-friendly.
  10. Clear signage is in place to guide the guests.


At the end of the night, the last thing you want is a long journey home. Fortunately, Coombe Lodge has you covered with luxurious accommodations.

  1. There are 12 en-suite rooms available on-site.
  2. Each room is tastefully decorated, with a blend of classic and contemporary styles.
  3. Every room has a unique view of the surrounding countryside.
  4. There’s a luxury bridal suite, ideal for pre-wedding preparations.
  5. Rooms are equipped with modern amenities, including Wi-Fi and smart TVs.
  6. Guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast the morning after the wedding.
  7. Additional local accommodations are available for larger weddings.
  8. The venue can assist in arranging transportation to nearby accommodations.
  9. They can accommodate early check-ins and late check-outs.
  10. There’s also a lodge available for hire, providing more privacy.

Amenities for the Disabled

Coombe Lodge is committed to making every guest feel comfortable and welcome, including those with special needs.

  1. The venue is wheelchair accessible.
  2. There are disabled toilet facilities.
  3. They offer ground-floor bedrooms for ease of access.
  4. There’s wheelchair access to all major areas, including the gardens.
  5. Lift access is available to the first floor.
  6. They can accommodate guide dogs.
  7. There’s a hearing loop installed in the main ceremony room.
  8. Staff are trained to assist guests with special needs.
  9. Parking for disabled guests is conveniently located close to the entrance.
  10. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated.
Coombe Lodge: Photo of Stunning Bride sitting on a chair in Bath UK

Bar and Restaurant

When it comes to celebrating, nothing quite beats a well-stocked bar and scrumptious food. Coombe Lodge exceeds expectations in both these departments.

  1. The bar boasts an extensive selection of spirits, wines, and beers.
  2. There’s an in-house sommelier to assist with wine selections.
  3. Special cocktail requests can be accommodated.
  4. The bar is situated conveniently close to the main reception area.
  5. The chefs create a delectable range of dishes using locally sourced ingredients.
  6. The menu is customizable to cater to different tastes.
  7. They offer a range of dining options, from casual buffets to formal sit-down dinners.
  8. Food tastings can be arranged prior to the wedding.
  9. The dining room offers a spectacular view of the grounds.
  10. Evening food options are also available for those late-night nibbles.

Catering and Seating Capacity

Feeding a wedding party is no small feat, but the talented culinary team at Coombe Lodge relishes the challenge.

  1. They can cater for up to 160 guests for a sit-down meal.
  2. For evening receptions, they can accommodate up to 200 guests.
  3. The team is experienced in handling both small, intimate weddings and larger events.
  4. They offer a range of catering styles, including buffet, BBQ, hog roast, and formal dinners.
  5. Special dietary requirements can be catered for.
  6. They provide children’s meals upon request.
  7. For the seating plan, there are several layouts to choose from.
  8. Tables, chairs, and linen are included in the venue hire.
  9. They offer a choice of glassware and cutlery.
  10. The dining room is spacious and well-lit, with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Location and Reviews

Located in the heart of the Somerset countryside, Coombe Lodge is a little slice of rural paradise. But don’t just take my word for it – the reviews speak volumes.

  1. The venue is conveniently located, a short drive from Bristol and Bath.
  2. It’s easily accessible by both car and public transport.
  3. The rural location offers privacy and tranquility.
  4. With a 5-star rating on numerous wedding review websites, it’s clear that guests love Coombe Lodge.
  5. Many reviews praise the attentive and professional staff.
  6. The beauty of the location and grounds is a recurring theme in the reviews.
  7. The quality and variety of the food is highly rated.
  8. Many couples appreciated the seamless organization of their wedding day.
  9. The comfortable accommodations receive high praise.
  10. Numerous reviews mention the venue’s flexibility and willingness to accommodate special requests.

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Coombe lodge: Seeing more than most: a woman in a wedding dress smiling at the camera.

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