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Cotswold Wedding Venue

In the heart of the charming Cotswolds, a stone’s throw from the historic city of Bath resides a wedding venue poised to transform dreams into reality – the Great Tythe Barn. This centuries-old tythe barn stands as a testament to the romance of yore, its traditional stone structures, and expansive grounds narrating tales of timeless love and commitment.

The Great Tythe Barn is not simply a wedding venue. It’s a canvas for a Bath wedding photographer, a playground for creativity, and a backdrop for unforgettable wedding photography Bath couples will treasure. It’s no wonder that Somerset wedding photographers find themselves enchanted by its charm and character.

A Venue Steeped in History

The Great Tythe Barn is steeped in history, its roots reaching back to the 16th century. Nestled in the vibrant market town of Tetbury, the barn proudly displays its original architectural features, marrying rustic authenticity with modern elegance. This combination creates an aesthetic that leaves an indelible impression on everyone who steps through its doors.

Space to Dream and Create

Spacious and versatile, the Great Tythe Barn caters to a spectrum of wedding sizes, comfortably accommodating up to 200 seated guests. This makes it an ideal choice for creating your seating plan. A generous parking area assures your guests won’t face the stress of finding a place to park, making the whole event a seamless affair.

A Considerate and Accessible Venue

The Barn recognizes the importance of inclusivity, with provisions in place to accommodate disabled guests. Accessible toilets, ramps, and wide doors ensure all guests can participate fully in your special day.

A Culinary Delight

No wedding is complete without exquisite food. The Great Tythe Barn’s dedicated team offers exceptional catering services, crafting a delectable wedding breakfast that aligns with your tastes and preferences. From seasonal dishes to classic favorites, your wedding breakfast will be a feast for the senses.

Stay a While

When the festivities of the day draw to a close, guests won’t have to travel far to find a cozy bed. With ten self-catering cottages and a bed and breakfast on site, accommodation is plentiful and exudes a warm, welcoming ambiance. Your guests will appreciate the convenience, adding a layer of comfort to your wedding day timeline.

A Picturesque Canvas for Wedding Photography

Your wedding photographer Bath will delight in the diverse range of photographic opportunities the Great Tythe Barn offers. Inside, the soaring ceiling, grand fireplace, and fairy lights contribute to a magical setting for wedding photography. Outside, the surrounding Cotswold stone buildings, enchanting private gardens, and serene pond provide an idyllic backdrop for the discerning Bath wedding photographer.

Every wedding held at the Great Tythe Barn is a testament to its versatility and appeal. It continues to receive glowing reviews from couples and wedding photographers alike, underscoring its status as a premier wedding venue in the region. It has a certain charm that speaks directly to the heart, creating an atmosphere of love, joy, and a sense of belonging that lingers long after the end of the celebration.

This venue understands that your wedding is not just an event, but a journey. From choosing your wedding photographer to selecting the perfect wedding decorations, the Great Tythe Barn is there to make each step along the way as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Great The Barn: a vase filled with red roses on top of a table.
  1. Historic Roots: The Great Tythe Barn’s history traces back to the 16th century, resonating with the charm of the past while exuding contemporary appeal. It serves as a living monument, its stone structures whispering tales of bygone times, enriching your wedding day with a sense of timeless elegance.

  2. Spectacular Setting: Nestled within the idyllic Cotswolds, the Great Tythe Barn offers a breathtaking natural backdrop. The verdant landscapes and serene pond form a stunning tableau, sure to captivate any Bath wedding photographer.

  3. Versatile Venue: This venue effortlessly caters to weddings of various sizes. It can comfortably accommodate up to 200 seated guests, offering versatility whether you’re planning a grand affair or an intimate ceremony.

  4. Considerate Accessibility: The Great Tythe Barn prioritizes inclusivity. The venue has provisions in place to cater to the needs of disabled guests, ensuring everyone can comfortably participate in the celebration.

  5. Culinary Excellence: The venue’s dedicated catering team excels in crafting a delectable wedding breakfast tailored to your taste. With a focus on seasonal ingredients and culinary finesse, your wedding feast will be an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

  6. Comfortable Accommodation: With ten self-catering cottages and a bed and breakfast on the premises, the venue offers plenty of cozy accommodation options. The convenience of on-site lodging adds an extra layer of comfort for your guests.

  7. Ample Parking: Stress over parking space won’t play a part in your special day, thanks to the Great Tythe Barn’s ample parking area. This ensures a smooth and seamless experience for all your guests.

  8. Photographer’s Paradise: The barn’s interior and exterior offer an abundance of photographic opportunities. Its grand interiors, quaint private gardens, and stunning Cotswold stone buildings make it a delight for wedding photography.

  9. Praiseworthy Reviews: The venue consistently receives glowing testimonials from couples and wedding photographers alike. It is renowned for its excellent service, beautiful setting, and the unique atmosphere it brings to every wedding event.

  10. A Guiding Hand: The Great Tythe Barn’s team offers guidance and support throughout your wedding journey. From venue selection to wedding decoration, every aspect is carefully considered and handled with professionalism, ensuring a stress-free planning process for your big day.