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Get married at Orchardleigh 

This was the most magical experience. In this blog post, we’re going to share our first-class review of Orchardleigh, detailing the enchanting venue, the outstanding service, and the memories that will last a lifetime. We’ll take you through our wedding timeline, so you can get a glimpse of how our special day unfolded at this incredible estate.

Morning Preparations: Getting Ready at Orchardleigh

We started our wedding day with a leisurely breakfast, surrounded by our closest friends and family. Orchardleigh’s luxurious accommodation provided the perfect setting for our morning preparations, with plenty of space for everyone to get ready in comfort and style.

Ceremony: Saying “I Do” in Orchardleigh’s Enchanting Chapel

Furthermore, our wedding ceremony at Orchardleigh was an unforgettable experience. The estate’s stunning chapel, complete with stained glass windows and a magnificent organ, provided a magical backdrop for our vows. As we exchanged rings and made our promises, the love and support from our guests filled the air.

Wedding Photos: Capturing the Magic in Orchardleigh’s Gardens

Additionally, after the ceremony, we took advantage of the estate’s beautiful gardens for our wedding photos. Our talented local wedding photographer, The FX Works, captured every moment, from intimate portraits to group shots, against the backdrop of Orchardleigh’s enchanting grounds.

Orchardleigh Wow: a pair of silver shoes sitting on top of a bed.

Exploring the Grounds: A Journey Through Orchardleigh’s Beauty

Meanwhile, before the speeches commenced, our guests had the opportunity to explore the enchanting grounds of Orchardleigh Estate. The vast 500-acre estate provided a breathtaking backdrop for mingling and relaxation, offering a serene atmosphere for our loved ones to truly immerse themselves in the beauty of our wedding day.

The Italian Garden: A Romantic Oasis

One of the highlights of Orchardleigh’s grounds is the stunning Italian Garden. With its manicured lawns, ornate fountains, and beautiful statues, this romantic oasis provided a lovely space for our guests to stroll, chat, and take in the natural beauty of the estate.

The Walled Garden: A Tranquil Retreat

The Walled Garden, another gem within Orchardleigh’s grounds, offered a tranquil retreat for our guests to unwind and socialize. The vibrant flower beds, carefully curated greenery, and charming pathways made this picturesque garden an idyllic spot for guests to enjoy some quiet conversation before the speeches began.

The Serpentine Lake: A Scenic Escape

The Serpentine Lake, nestled within Orchardleigh’s estate, presented a truly breathtaking sight. As our guests wandered along the lakeside, they marveled at the stunning views and peaceful ambiance created by the gently rippling waters. The charming gazebo situated at the edge of the lake provided a lovely space for guests to pause, reflect, and appreciate the beauty of the day.

The Orangery: A Glimpse into History

Orchardleigh’s historic Orangery offered a unique setting for our guests to explore as they awaited the speeches. This elegant structure, adorned with intricate stone carvings and ornate wrought-iron details, provided a glimpse into the estate’s rich history and architectural heritage.

The Stately Home: A Grand Tour

For those interested in architecture and history, Orchardleigh’s stately home was open for our guests to tour. The magnificent rooms, adorned with opulent furnishings and beautiful artwork, transported our friends and family back in time, offering a fascinating insight into the estate’s past.

Guest Mingling: Connecting and Creating Memories

However one of the most cherished aspects of our wedding day was the opportunity for our guests to connect and create lasting memories together. As they explored the beautiful grounds of Orchardleigh, our friends and family formed new bonds, rekindled old friendships, and strengthened their connections with one another.

Outdoor Games: Fun for All Ages

Furthermore, to add an element of fun and entertainment to the day, we arranged for a selection of outdoor games to be set up on the estate’s lush lawns. Guests of all ages enjoyed participating in activities such as croquet, giant Jenga, and horseshoes. The laughter and joy that filled the air during these games created a light-hearted atmosphere that perfectly complemented the beauty of Orchardleigh’s grounds.

Seating Areas: Comfortable Spaces for Conversation

Throughout the estate, we provided comfortable seating areas for our guests to relax and engage in conversation. These inviting spaces encouraged our loved ones to mingle and share stories, creating a warm and convivial atmosphere as they awaited the speeches.

Refreshments: Quenching Thirsts and Delighting Palates

Meanwhile as our guests explored the grounds and mingled with one another, they were treated to a variety of refreshing beverages and light snacks, ensuring that they remained comfortable and satisfied. The attentive Orchardleigh staff circulated with trays of drinks and canapés, catering to our guests’ every need and adding an extra touch of luxury.

Orchardleigh the perfect place: a group of women standing on top of a lush green field.

Cocktail Hour: Toasting to Love in the Walled Garden

As our guests enjoyed a selection of drinks and canapés in the picturesque walled garden, we took a moment to savor the joy of being newlyweds. The attentive staff at Orchardleigh ensured that our guests were well taken care of, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for all.

Reception: A Feast Fit for Royalty in the Grand Ballroom

Our wedding reception in Orchardleigh’s grand ballroom was a truly unforgettable experience. The elegant décor and exquisite table settings perfectly complemented the delicious menu, showcasing the best of local produce. With a variety of options to suit all dietary requirements, our guests were treated to a feast fit for royalty.

Entertainment: Dance the Night Away at Orchardleigh

After dinner, it was time to celebrate! The entertainment options at Orchardleigh are endless, and we opted for a live band to get our guests on the dance floor. The estate’s elegant ballroom provided the perfect setting for an unforgettable party that continued late into the night.

Late-Night Snacks: A Tasty Treat to Keep the Party Going

To keep our guests fueled for dancing, Orchardleigh provided a selection of late-night snacks. From gourmet sliders to artisanal cheese boards, there was something for everyone to enjoy as the celebrations continued.

Farewell and Goodnight: Ending the Night in Luxury

As the night drew to a close, we said our farewells and retired to the luxurious accommodation at Orchardleigh. The elegantly appointed rooms, complete with modern amenities and sumptuous furnishings, provided a restful retreat for us and our guests.

Morning After: A Delicious Breakfast and Fond Farewells

The morning after our wedding, we gathered with our guests for a delicious breakfast in Orchardleigh’s dining room. As we reminisced about the previous day’s events and said our goodbyes, we couldn’t help but feel grateful for the incredible memories we had created at this enchanting estate.

In conclusion, our wedding at Orchardleigh was a day to remember forever. The enchanting estate, exceptional service.


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We got married at Orchardleigh: a bride and groom walking through confetti.