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Those Wedding Gems!

Experience cosy comfort, warmth, and enchanting intimacy at these incredible, secret wedding venue gems.

Wedding Gems You Need to Know About: As a wedding photographer, I have the pleasure of witnessing love stories unfold in the most stunning locations. Every now and then, I come across little gems that are worth sharing, and one such venue is Kin House, a Georgian Manor in Wiltshire. In this blog post, I’ll share with you the charm and allure of Kin House, as well as other offbeat, intimate wedding venues that exude comfort and warmth, perfect for your special day.

Kin House: A Georgian Manor in Wiltshire

Nestled in the heart of Wiltshire, Kin House is a Georgian Manor that offers a unique and enchanting experience for couples seeking an intimate, offbeat wedding venue. With its cosy atmosphere, beautiful gardens, and elegant interiors, Kin House is a secret gem that guarantees a memorable wedding celebration. Experiencing a wedding at Kin House is akin to having your cherished hotel reserved exclusively for you. 

Imagine leisurely mornings spent savouring a sumptuous breakfast, rejuvenating yoga sessions that leave you feeling revitalised, and skillfully concocted cocktails to delight your senses. Consider Kin House as your home away from home – complete with an array of luxurious indulgences.

Exquisite Interiors:

The Georgian Manor at Kin House showcases sophisticated spaces, adorned with classic architecture and refined furniture. These inviting areas are crafted to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere for your wedding ceremony and reception

Enchanted Gardens:

Embraced by verdant foliage: Kin House’s impeccably maintained gardens present a tranquil setting for your wedding pictures and alfresco festivities. The estate’s natural splendour evokes a magical, fairytale-like ambiance.

Intimate Celebrations:

Kin House is perfect for couples seeking a smaller, more personal wedding experience. The venue can accommodate cozy gatherings of 20 or grand celebrations of up to 200 guests, ensuring your special day is centred on the most important aspect – the love and bond between you and your partner.

Kin House’s staff is committed to making your wedding day as smooth and delightful as possible. Their meticulous attention to detail, paired with their warm hospitality, guarantees that you and your guests feel welcomed and at ease throughout the celebration.

Preparations in Style:

The Dressing Room is exclusively yours for the morning, offering a luxurious space equipped with hair-washing stations, professional styling tools, and grand mirrors. Additionally, a distinguished Barber’s Lounge on the top floor is available for impeccable pre-celebration grooming and pampering.

Kilvert Hall:

Kilvert Hall, situated in a separate wing of the house, offers ample room for up to 200 guests at your party. It boasts a bar, dance floor, and a curtained stage area for live music.

For drinks receptions of up to 100 guests, the Drawing Room and Fitz Bar can be combined. The original Georgian portico leads to the terrace and lawns, providing an ideal outdoor setting on warm days. Additionally, the Hearth Room can be utilised alongside for larger weddings.

Hearth Room:

At the heart of the house lies the Hearth Room, featuring an 18th-century fireplace. It’s a beautiful setting for your wedding ceremony or can serve as a reception room for parties, with a seating capacity of 85 and standing capacity of 100.

Look no further than KIN House if you’re in search of the ideal venue to host your wedding. Your special day will undoubtedly be unforgettable with KIN House as your choice.

a bride and groom standing on the steps of a building.

More Off beat Wedding Gems to Discover

Wedding Gems You Need to Know About: In addition to Kin House, there are other hidden gems to consider for your intimate wedding. Here are a few enchanting venues that offer a cosy and comfortable atmosphere for your big day:

  1. Rustic Barns: For a charming, rustic experience, consider hosting your wedding at a restored barn. These venues often feature exposed beams, warm lighting, and plenty of character that make for a truly unforgettable event.
  2. Historic Inns: Small, historic inns can provide a cosy, intimate setting for your wedding celebration. With their rich history, quaint accommodations, and personalised service, these venues are perfect for couples who want a unique and memorable experience.
  3. Botanical Gardens: If you’re looking for a serene, enchanting atmosphere, a botanical garden might be the perfect venue. With lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and tranquil water features, your guests will be captivated by the natural beauty surrounding them.
  4. Vineyards: Vineyards provide a picturesque backdrop for your wedding, with rows of grapevines, rolling hills, and stunning sunsets. These venues often offer warm, intimate spaces for both your ceremony and reception, creating a romantic and unforgettable experience.
  1. Art Galleries: For the art enthusiasts, consider hosting your wedding at a local art gallery. Surrounded by inspiring artwork and unique exhibits, your guests will enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience as they celebrate your love story.
  2. Lighthouses: Coastal lighthouses offer a truly offbeat and enchanting wedding venue. With stunning ocean views and a rich history, these venues provide a memorable and intimate setting for your special day.

Final Thoughts

Wedding Gems You Need to Know About: Finding the perfect wedding venue is an essential part of planning your big day. By considering these offbeat, enchanting hideaways, you can create an intimate, cosy, and memorable experience for you and your guests. Remember, the most important aspect of your wedding is the love and connection between you and your partner. Embrace the warmth and comfort of these hidden gems, and let your love story shine.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your wedding, check out our international weddings page for ideas from around the globe. To make the most of your special day, read our tips on how to enjoy your wedding. And if you’re curious about our passion for capturing love stories, learn more about us and our dedication to making your wedding day unforgettable.