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All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle

Your wedding day is one of the most photographed days of your life. All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle and celebrate with loved ones. With all those photos and moments to cherish, you’ll want your wedding makeup to look absolutely flawless. But with all the stress and busyness leading up to the big day, it can be hard to figure out your bridal beauty routine. Follow these top tips to help you nail your wedding makeup look in 2023.

Choose the Right Wedding Makeup Artist

Your makeup pro sets the foundation (pun intended!) for your entire bridal look. Take time to research artists and find someone experienced in wedding makeup application. Look for pros with rave reviews who can provide exactly the look you want, whether it’s glamorous and bold or natural and soft. Consider booking someone who will also handle makeup for your bridesmaids to ensure a cohesive style. Popular wedding venues like Orchardleigh House often provide recommended vendor lists.

Schedule a Wedding Makeup Trial

The last thing you want is to be surprised by your makeup on your actual wedding day. Schedule a trial makeup application a few months before the wedding to test out products, colors, and techniques. Come with inspirational pictures and collaborate with your artist. Take lots of photos with your gown and veil after the trial to get an accurate idea of how your face will look. This is the time to perfect your look.

Prep Your Skin Properly

Great makeup application starts with healthy, glowing skin. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, commit to a consistent skincare routine focused on hydration and brightening. Exfoliate regularly to unveil fresh skin and use overnight masks and serums to boost radiance. Get monthly facials. Then, right before makeup application, use primer, color corrector, and moisturizer to create the ideal smooth, even base.

Choose Products That Will Last

Wedding makeup must be long-wearing to withstand hours of emotions, greetings, tears, and camera flashes. Using overly dewy or shimmery products could lead to melting, fading, or undesired shine in photos. Opt for smudge-proof, waterproof formulas made for all-day wear. Setting sprays also help lock in makeup. Avoid trying new products last minute which could lead to unexpected issues.

Focus on Enhancing Your Best Features

The goal of bridal makeup is to enhance and define your natural beauty. Work with your makeup artist to identify and highlight your best features. For example, play up your eyes by expertly blending soft smokey shadows, adding flirty falsies, and defining brows. Or go bold with a red lip if that’s your best asset. Either way, let the makeup subtly highlight your gorgeous face.

Choose Colors That Flatter Your Complexion

Whether you want a natural or glam makeup look, choose shades that complement your skin’s undertones. Warm complexions look great in peaches, golds, and bronzes. Cooler skin tones shine with plums, pinks, and berries. Neutral bridal palettes work on everyone. Your artist can help you determine the most flattering shades. Test colors thoroughly at your trial.

Take Care of Yourself Leading Up To the Big Day

Your makeup can only look as good as the canvas beneath it. Be diligent about overall wellness to get that bridal glow. Drink plenty of water, eat nutrient-rich foods, exercise, and get adequate sleep. Keep stress levels in check with yoga, meditation, or whatever relaxation techniques work for you. Avoid anything that could cause breakouts or irritation. Come wedding day, you’ll radiate natural beauty.

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

The right hair, jewelry, and veil add the perfect final accent to your wedding day glam. Schedule a hair trial to coordinate your look. Ditch heavy earrings and opt for delicate bridal jewelry that won’t compete with your makeup. And make sure to see your veil paired with your complete look – you want to adjust makeup colors accordingly. These finishing touches pull the whole breathtaking style together.

Makeup tips: a bride getting her makeup done in a kitchen.

Consider Photography Needs for Your Makeup

Today’s wedding photography is all about documenting candid moments in addition to classic portraits. That means your makeup must look flawless from every angle, including photos from high-end wedding photographers adept at capturing all those special moments. Test your makeup look thoroughly and consider enhancing your eye makeup and lips so they pop in photos. Waterproof mascara and touch-up lip color are must-haves.

Don’t Stress – Enjoy the Process!

Planning a wedding and getting show-ready for your big day can definitely be stressful. But take a deep breath and remember to enjoy the journey. Have fun with your trials – order bubbly, bring your ‘bride tribe’, and see it as an excuse to pamper yourself. Remind yourself that you’ll look back lovingly at photos of this special time. And know that no matter what, your inner joy is the best accessory.

With the right prep, products, and perspective, you can feel utterly confident and elegant on your wedding day. Trust your glam squad, leverage trials to perfect your look, and focus on enhancing your natural radiance. Follow these tips to look and feel like the most stunning version of yourself when you walk down that aisle. Here’s to flawless, picture-perfect wedding beauty!

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