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The Best Man Speech:

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Man Speech: A best man speech is a time-honoured tradition that has evolved over the years, becoming an essential part of modern weddings. In this guide, we’ll explore the history of the best man’s speech, the role of the best man, speech etiquette, and share some jokes to help you deliver the perfect toast. Let’s dive in!

A Brief History of the Best Man Speech

The tradition of having a best man at a wedding dates back to ancient Roman times, where the best man was tasked with protecting the groom and ensuring the wedding went smoothly. Today, the best man’s role has evolved into a more symbolic and supportive one, with the speech being a central element of the wedding celebration.

Who is the Best Man?

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Man Speech: The best man is typically a close friend or relative of the groom, chosen to stand by his side during the wedding ceremony and beyond. While the role varies depending on the couple’s preferences, a best man often helps with wedding planning, organizes the bachelor party, and provides support for the groom.

When Does the Speech Happen?

Traditionally, the best man’s speech takes place during the reception, following the wedding ceremony. The speech is usually one of the highlights of the event, with the best man speaking after the newlyweds and the father of the bride. The order of speeches may vary, but the best man’s toast is typically the final one before the party continues.

Giving Thanks in the Best Mans Speech

An essential part of the best man speech is expressing gratitude to those who have contributed to the wedding. The best man should thank:

  1. The couple, for inviting everyone to share in their special day
  2. The bride’s family, for hosting the event and welcoming the groom into their family
  3. The groomsmen, for their support and friendship throughout the planning process
  4. Anyone who has played a significant role in making the wedding a success, such as the wedding planner or venue staff

Don’t forget to mention any specific contributions that deserve recognition, as this adds a personal touch to your speech.

Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

When delivering the best man speech, it’s essential to follow some basic etiquette rules to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone. Here are some do’s and don’ts to guide you:


  1. Be prepared: Write your speech in advance and practise it several times.
  2. Keep it short and sweet: Aim for around 5-7 minutes to keep the audience engaged.
  3. Be genuine: Speak from the heart and share personal anecdotes about the groom.
  4. Be inclusive: Address the bride and groom, as well as their families and guests.
  5. End on a high note: Conclude your speech by raising a toast to the newlyweds


  1. Share inappropriate stories: Avoid offensive or embarrassing anecdotes that could upset the couple or guests.
  2. Be overly emotional: It’s okay to be sentimental, but try not to let emotions overwhelm your speech.
  3. Use inside jokes: Remember, the audience may not understand references that only a few people are familiar with.
  4. Forget to mention the bride: Even if you know the groom better, it’s important to include the bride in your speech and share some kind words about her.
  5. 5. Ramble: Stay on topic and keep your speech focused on the couple and their special day.

Jokes to Use in Your Best Man Speech

Adding humour to your speech can help break the ice and keep the audience entertained. Here are some jokes you can use or adapt to fit your best man speech:

  1. “Being asked to be the best man is like being called up for jury duty. You don’t really want to do it, but you know you have to. The only difference is, at a wedding, you can’t get out of it by pretending you’re prejudiced against one of the parties!”
  2. “I’ve known [groom] for a long time, and I’ve seen him go through many phases. First, there was the awkward teenage phase, then the slightly less awkward college phase, and now, we’ve finally arrived at the ‘I’m mature enough to get married’ phase. I’m just happy I could be here to witness them all.”
  3. “I must say, [bride] and [groom], your wedding has been like a fairy tale. It had a beautiful setting, wonderful people, and, of course, a happy ending. Now all we need is a wicked stepmother and a talking animal, and we’ll have the perfect Disney movie!”
  4. “I always knew [groom] was a lucky guy, but after seeing [bride] walk down the aisle, I’m convinced he should buy a lottery ticket.”
  5. “Marriage is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs, but if you hang on tight and scream together, it’s a whole lot of fun!”
  6. Remember, when using jokes in your speech, make sure they are appropriate for the audience and won’t offend the couple or their families. It’s always a good idea to run your jokes by someone you trust to ensure they are suitable for the occasion.

In Conclusion

Being chosen as the best man is an honour, and delivering the perfect speech can make the wedding day even more memorable for the happy couple. By understanding the history of the best man’s speech, knowing when to give thanks, following etiquette guidelines, and adding some well-timed humour, you’ll be well on your way to giving a heartfelt and entertaining toast.

Take the time to prepare, practice, and enjoy the experience of being the best man at your friend’s or family member’s wedding. After all, it’s not every day you get to play such an essential role in the celebration of love. Cheers to the newlyweds and a job well done!