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Marriages in The UK

Marriage, a social institution that has been a part of human culture for thousands of years, continues to be a significant event in the lives of many individuals. In the United Kingdom, the trends and statistics related to marriage provide a fascinating insight into the societal norms and behaviors of its citizens. This article delves into the annual marriage rates in the UK, providing a comprehensive understanding of the current state of matrimony in the country.

The Annual Marriage Rate

As of the latest data available from 2016, the United Kingdom sees an estimated 287,328 marriages each year. This figure translates to approximately 787.2 marriages per day and 23,944 marriages per month. These numbers provide a snapshot of the frequency of marriages in the UK, indicating a steady rate of nuptials throughout the year.

Marriages in the UK: a line graph showing the number of people living in a house.

The graph above illustrates the historical trend of annual marriages in the UK. It provides a visual representation of the fluctuations in marriage rates over the years, offering a comprehensive view of how societal norms and attitudes toward marriage have evolved.

Nuptiality: Marriages, Divorces, and Annulments

In addition to the annual marriage rate, it is also important to consider the rates of divorce and annulment. These figures provide a more nuanced understanding of the state of matrimony in the UK.

In 2017, the UK had an estimated 110,862 divorces per year. This figure indicates that while a significant number of individuals choose to marry each year, a substantial number also decide to legally end their marriages. The reasons for this can be varied and complex, ranging from personal disagreements to changes in personal circumstances or societal attitudes.

In terms of annulments, the UK saw about 201 annulments per year, as per the data from 2003. While this figure is significantly lower than the rates of marriage and divorce, it is still a relevant aspect of the overall picture of matrimony in the UK.


uk marriages :a bride and groom standing in front of a large building.


The state of matrimony in the United Kingdom is a dynamic and multifaceted phenomenon. With a steady rate of marriages each year, it is clear that this institution continues to hold a significant place in UK society. However, the rates of divorce and annulment also indicate that societal attitudes towards marriage are complex and ever-evolving.

Understanding these trends and statistics is crucial for policymakers, sociologists, and individuals alike. It provides valuable insights into the societal norms and behaviors of the UK, aiding in the development of policies and strategies that cater to the needs and preferences of its citizens.

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