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Jump on Board for a Dream Wedding

Imagine saying ‘I do’ aboard the glorious Bermuda-rigged Southern Cross. This stunning steel auxiliary ketch, the largest built in Scotland in recent years, recently set sail off the shimmering coast of Spain, carrying a couple embarking on their journey of a lifetime. Our Somerset wedding photographer was there to capture every stunning moment.

The Opulent Vessel: The Southern Cross

This luxurious yacht is a sight to behold. The sails, a crisp canvas against the cerulean sky, and the intricate rigging, create a striking contrast to the deep blue sea. Polished wood and gleaming chrome reflect the Spanish sunshine, adding to the grandeur of the moment. It’s not just a wedding venue, it’s a symbol of exploration, adventure, and unending love – a photographer’s dream come true.

The Artistry of the Reception Decor

Stepping inside the reception room is like entering a world of understated elegance. The tables, adorned with delicate, tasteful settings, hint at the grandeur of the feast to come. The luxury and charm of the decor were painstakingly captured by our Bath wedding photographer, who is renowned for wedding photography in Bath.

The Arrival of the Bridal Party

With the Spanish coastline as their backdrop, the bridal party made their grand entrance onto the Southern Cross. The sunshine glinting off their attire added an extra sparkle to the proceedings. Capturing the camaraderie and shared joy of the wedding party, our wedding photographer wove stories with every click.

Bridal Preparations: An Unforgettable Experience

In a separate corner of the yacht, the bride was the picture of grace and excitement. Each detail, from the carefully chosen gown to the delicate jewelry, reflected her personality. The Bath wedding photographer, specializing in natural wedding photography, captured every intimate moment, preserving them for posterity.

Wedding on a yacht: a man and a woman are walking on the deck of a boat.

The Ceremony: An Unforgettable Exchange of Vows

As the yacht gently bobbed in the tranquil waters, the couple stood under a beautifully adorned canopy, the vast sea and sky bearing witness. The heartfelt vows exchanged, the beaming smiles, and the tearful joy were all immortalized by our dedicated wedding photography team. Every tiny detail was a testament to their love, caught and preserved for a lifetime.

Canapés on Deck: A Gastronomic Delight

Post the ceremony, guests indulged in an array of gourmet canapés. The deck transformed into a bustling, vibrant space, laughter and chatter mixing with the soothing sound of waves. From fresh seafood delicacies to traditional Spanish bites, the food was as memorable as the occasion itself.

Couple Photos: Love amid Stunning Scenery

The new couple’s photos on board the yacht were the epitome of romance and elegance. Against a backdrop of polished wood, billowing sails, and the sparkling sea, their love shone bright. The Somerset wedding photographer ensured that their joy and love were captured in stunning, timeless photos.

The Wedding Breakfast in Barcelona

As the Southern Cross docked in Barcelona, the wedding party moved to a beautiful location in the heart of the city. There, amidst picturesque Gaudi buildings, they relished an exquisite wedding breakfast.

The Speeches: An Ode to Love

The speeches were a heartfelt tribute to the couple’s journey. Full of wit, sentiment, and joy, they painted a vivid picture of the couple’s story. With years of experience, our Bath wedding photographer ensured that these touching moments were captured to perfection.

Cutting the Cake: A Sweet Tradition

The cutting of the cake was a grand affair, the dessert itself a work of art. The couple, surrounded by cheering guests, made the first slice, marking another milestone in their journey. This sweet tradition, a highlight of any wedding, was beautifully captured by the Wedding Photography team.

The First Dance: A Perfect Moment

As the sun set, the couple took to the dance floor. Their first dance as a married couple was full of grace and love, a perfect moment in an extraordinary day. Our wedding photographer was on hand to capture this enchanting moment.

The Finale: Fireworks over Barcelona

The day ended in a spectacular fashion – a stunning fireworks display over Barcelona’s cityscape. As the night sky lit up with colors, it was a fitting finale to an extraordinary wedding. Our Somerset wedding photographer was there, capturing the awe-inspiring end to a magical day.

So, what’s the takeaway from this story? When planning your big day, dare to dream. Whether it’s a grand yacht off the coast of Spain or a charming locale closer to home, make your wedding as unique as your love story. And of course, find a wedding photographer like Michael.

yacht wedding photography: a man and a woman standing on the deck of a boat.

Love, Adventure, and a Wedding on the Sea

For as long as they could remember, Amelia and Jack had been adventurers at heart. A connection born from a shared love of exploring the unknown, their bond strengthened over years of shared adventures. So when Jack, a native of Bath, proposed to Amelia, a Somerset girl, there was no doubt that their wedding would be anything but ordinary.

Their shared dream was to sail around the world, so what better way to start their voyage into married life than on the deck of the majestic Southern Cross? This luxurious yacht was a symbol of their shared passion and the many adventures that lay ahead.

Amelia and Jack’s love story began in a charming little cafe in Somerset. Jack, a dedicated wedding photographer, was captivated by Amelia’s infectious laugh and radiant smile. Amelia, an aspiring writer, found herself drawn to Jack’s passion for life and his endless trove of tales from his travels.

Their connection was palpable, and it wasn’t long before they were inseparable. Their shared love of travel took them to the farthest corners of the world. From the stunning architecture of Barcelona to the breathtaking landscapes of Scotland, every trip was an exciting chapter in their shared story. Their lives became an exciting journey, captured through Jack’s lenses, and immortalized in Amelia’s words.

When they decided to tie the knot, the Southern Cross wasn’t just a venue. It was an homage to their shared dreams and adventures. Just like the towering sails of the yacht, their love for each other stood tall and proud, ready to weather any storm. Their wedding wasn’t just a celebration of their love but also a promise of the many adventures they would share as they sailed into the future.

The Southern Cross set sail off the coast of Spain, carrying not just the wedding party but also the hopes and dreams of our adventurous couple. As they exchanged their vows under the vast sky, the gentle lapping of the waves was their music, and the wind their chorus.

The journey of Amelia and Jack reminds us all that love is not just about finding someone with whom you want to spend your life but finding that someone who makes life worth living. And so, with the promise of a lifetime of shared adventures and endless love, they sailed into the horizon, hand in hand, ready to face whatever the future holds. With their trusted wedding photographer documenting their love, their journey is one we are all eager to follow.