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The Pear Tree at Purton is simply Stunning

Nestled in the picturesque Somerset countryside is a true gem of a venue: The Pear Tree at Purton. Here, under a vast, cloudless sky, our stars Louise and Gavin promised a lifetime of togetherness. As your friendly Somerset wedding photographer, let me walk you through this memorable day that was nothing short of a fairy tale.

Reception Room: A Symphony of Elegance

The reception room was a spectacle of elegance, a vision in white and green. Large windows lined the walls, welcoming the sun’s gentle rays and showcasing the endless verdant landscapes. Picture long wooden tables adorned with white roses, eucalyptus leaves, and glimmering candles. The scene was bathed in a warm, inviting glow that made the whole place feel enchantingly serene. It’s moments like these that make me proud to be a Bath wedding photographer.

Arrival of the Wedding Party

The arrival of the wedding party set the stage for the day. Stylishly dressed friends and family members streamed in, their faces lit up with anticipation and joy. Whispers of admiration and excitement filled the air. This was a party that promised a day of merriment and unforgettable moments, just the kind of event every wedding photographer Bath dreams of capturing. Want a sneak peek? Check out some of our favourite photos from previous events.

The Bridal Preparation

The bridal preparation was a scene straight out of a romance novel. Louise, our stunning bride, was the epitome of grace and beauty. She slipped into her wedding gown amidst the excited chatter and shared laughter of her bridesmaids. The mirror reflected a radiant bride, her happiness evident in her glowing smile. With every graceful move and nervous flutter, the Somerset wedding photographer was there to document it all. Looking for tips on bridal prep? Here are some for you.

Pear Tree at Purton: Posing the Bride and Groom: Elmhay Wedding Photographer: a man and a woman standing next to each other.

The Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony was filled with raw, heartfelt emotions. The vows exchanged between Louise and Gavin resonated with pure love and commitment, stirring hearts and bringing tears to the eyes of the attendees. The infectious joy as the couple said, “I do,” was a moment to be remembered. As their trusted wedding photographer Orchardleigh, it was my pleasure to capture these precious moments. Wondering about the key to good wedding photography? It’s unobtrusive wedding photography.

Canapés and Mingling

After the emotion-filled ceremony, it was time to let loose and enjoy the company of loved ones. Delicious canapés made their rounds, complementing the bubbling champagne perfectly. Laughter filled the air as tales of the couple were shared, the ambiance was one of sheer happiness. Our wedding photography Bath team was there, clicking away, immortalizing these joyous moments.

Couple of Photos on Board

Sneaking away from the buzz of the guests, Louise and Gavin shared a few private moments for their couple photos. The love and adoration in their eyes were evident. Every glance, every touch was filled with love, making for an unforgettable photo session. You can find similar heartwarming moments in our wedding photo collection.

Pear Tree  A Wedding Breakfast Like No Other

As the day eased into the evening, our party headed for the wedding breakfast. A feast fit for royalty awaited them amidst the city’s famed culture and stunning sunset. The atmosphere was electric, and the food exquisite, making for a truly memorable meal. Our wedding photographer Somerset was there, capturing every mouthwatering detail.

Speeches, Cake Cutting, and First Dance

Speeches that followed were a mix of poignant stories, fond memories, and witty anecdotes about the couple. In case you’re prepping for your own speech, here are some tips. The cutting of the cake was another highlight, the couple’s shared laughter lighting up the room. Finally, the first dance, a tender moment etched in everyone’s hearts, was beautifully captured in candid wedding photography style.

Pear tree at Purton<br />
Photographing The wedding gown draped over a doorway.

Fireworks: A Spectacular End to a Spectacular Day

As the final event of the day, a breathtaking fireworks display lit up the night sky. Louise and Gavin, hand in hand, looked on as the sparks flew, reflecting their own blossoming love story. These spectacular moments, captured by the Somerset wedding photographer, were the perfect end to an unforgettable day.

Intrigued by this beautiful journey of love and celebration? Reach out to your trusted Wedding Photographer Bath, and we’ll ensure we capture your day just as beautifully. Don’t forget to check the cost, secure your date, and gear up for the perfect wedding day!