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Jess and Miles’ Magical Wedding Day at Elmhay Park Frome Somerset 

The Perfect Venue for a Dream Wedding

‘Jess and Miles’ Wedding Day at Elmhay Frome. When Jess and Miles started planning their wedding, they knew they wanted a venue that would match the beauty of their love. That’s why they chose Elmhay Frome, a stunning location that offered everything they could have wished for.

A Wedding Day Filled with Love and Joy

Jess and Miles celebrated their love on their wedding day, surrounded by family and friends at Elmhay Frome, their chosen wedding venue. Joy and happiness filled the atmosphere, affirming the couple’s decision to select the venue.

Capturing the Magic of the Day

a woman sitting in a room with a white radiator.

One of the most critical aspects of any wedding is capturing the magic of the day. That’s why Jess and Miles hired a talented Michael Gane who could immortalise their special moments. They were delighted with the work of the photographer, who managed to capture every detail of the day in a beautiful and authentic way. Jess and Miles’ Wedding Day at Elmhay Park, they had booked this wonderful venue well in advance.

A Dream Wedding with Personal Touches

Jess and Miles made their wedding day truly unique by adding personal touches. They carefully selected every detail, from hand-made centerpieces to special cocktails, to reflect their love and personality.

A Ceremony to Remember

Their ceremony was held at a little village church before heading off to Elmhay Frome. Surrounded by trees and flowers. Jess walked down the aisle in a stunning dress, while Miles waited for her with tears in his eyes. The vows they exchanged were heartfelt and genuine, leaving everyone in tears.

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a bride and groom walk through confetti.

A Fun-Filled Reception

a group of people sitting around a table.
a group of people sitting around a table.

Jess and Miles Wedding Day at Elmhay Park. After the ceremony, guests moved inside for a fun-filled reception. The tables were decorated with beautiful flowers and candles, and the food was delicious. The couple surprised everyone with a choreographed dance that left everyone amazed.

A Wedding Day to Remember

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Jess and Miles’ wedding day at Elmhay Frome was a dream come true. The perfect venue, surrounded by loved ones, and personalised touches made it a day they will never forget. The photographer captured the magic of the day, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

A Bright Future Together

a group of women in dresses posing for a picture.

Jess and Miles wedding evening began, the night came to an end, Jess and Miles looked forward to the future together. They knew that their love was stronger than ever, and that they had found the perfect partner in each other. The day may have been over, but their love story was just beginning.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Venue

Choosing the right wedding venue is crucial to creating a day that reflects your love and personality. Elmhay Frome was the perfect choice for Jess and Miles, offering a stunning location and the ability to add personal touches to their special day.

Jess and Miles’ wedding day at Elmhay Frome was a truly magical event. Surrounded by loved ones, they exchanged heartfelt vows, shared a fun-filled wedding reception.

a bride and groom sharing their first dance.