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Wedding Invitations: 

Handmade wedding invatations: Weddings are an unforgettable event that deserves special attention to every detail. One of the first impressions your guests will have of your big day is the wedding invitation. Why not make it a memorable one? Handmade wedding invitations offer a unique, personal touch that reflects the love and care put into the celebration. In this guide, we will explore how to create stunning handmade invitations using pressed dried flowers, vintage paper, ribbons, buttons, and magazine cutouts.

1. Pressed Dried Flowers

Adding pressed dried flowers to your wedding invitations adds a touch of elegance and natural beauty. To begin, you’ll need to select and press your flowers. Once the flowers are pressed and dried, you can arrange them on the invitation card. You can either glue them directly onto the paper or use a layer of transparent paper to secure them in place.

2. Vintage Paper

Vintage paper adds a charming, nostalgic feel to your handmade wedding invitations. You can use old book pages, sheet music, maps, or any other vintage paper you find appealing. You can either use the vintage paper as the base for your invitation or layer it with other materials like cardstock to create a unique design.

3. Ribbons

Adding ribbons to your wedding invitations is an excellent way to incorporate your wedding colours and add a touch of sophistication. There are endless ways to use ribbons in your invitations, such as:

  • Tying a bow around the invitation
  • Weaving the ribbon through the edges of the card
  • Creating a belly band to hold the invitation and additional inserts together

Choose a ribbon that complements your overall design and color scheme, and experiment with different ways to incorporate it into your invitation.

4. Buttons

Buttons are a creative and unexpected element to include in your handmade wedding invitations. They can add a whimsical or vintage touch, depending on the style of buttons you choose. Some ideas for using buttons in your invitations are:

  • Sewing them onto the card as decorative accents
  • Attaching them to the centre of a ribbon bow
  • Using them as closures for a folded invitation

Mix and match buttons in various shapes, sizes, and colours to create a truly unique design.

a pair of shoes with a ring on top of them.

5. Magazine Cutouts

Magazine cutouts can be an unconventional yet visually striking addition to your wedding invitations. Browse through magazines to find images, patterns, or typography that reflect your wedding theme and personal style. Some ways to use magazine cutouts in your invitations include:

  • Collaging images and patterns to create a background
  • Cutting out letters to spell out your names or wedding date
  • Incorporating images of your favourite flowers or other wedding-related themes

Make sure to carefully glue the cutouts onto your invitation to ensure a clean, polished look.


Creating handmade wedding invitations allows you to express your creativity and add a personal touch to your wedding celebration. By using pressed dried flowers, vintage paper, ribbons, buttons, and any other ideas you have, you’ll make these invites truly part of your wedding day.