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Wedding The Roman Baths in Bath

The Roman Baths in Bath, England provide a uniquely historic and picturesque venue for a wedding. With origins dating back to AD 70, the baths give couples an opportunity to celebrate their love in a setting filled with ancient Roman architecture and artifacts.

A Unique Wedding Venue Steeped in History

The Roman Baths are one of the best-preserved Roman ruins north of the Alps. They are fed by a natural hot spring with a temperature of 46°C. As far back as the Iron Age, Celts worshipped the goddess Sulis here. When the Romans arrived in AD 43, they built a magnificent temple around the sacred spring. Bath grew into one of the largest and wealthiest towns in Roman Britain.

Today, the Roman Baths are one of the top attractions in Bath. Over one million visitors per year walk on the ancient stone pavements where Romans once gathered to socialize, worship, and bathe. Holding a wedding at this historic site allows couples to celebrate surrounded by beautiful Roman architecture. The ancient baths provide a unique and memorable backdrop unlike anywhere else.

A Dream Ceremony Overlooking the Great Bath

The wedding ceremony can take place on the balcony overlooking the Great Bath, the heart of the Roman Baths. Built-in 70-75 AD, this massive lead-lined pool measures 40 feet by 80 feet and holds over 250,000 gallons of natural hot spring water. During the reception, guests can descend to walk along the original Roman pavement surrounding the vibrant green pool.

As a couple exchanges vows on the balcony, their voices will echo off the great arched ceilings. They will look out over the steaming waters, with the statue of the goddess Sulis Minerva watching over them. The Roman columns, torches, and elaborate stonework make for unparalleled wedding photos. It is truly a one-of-a-kind ceremony location.

Celebrating Love Amongst Roman Relics

After the ceremony, couples can explore the baths and celebrate alongside ancient Roman artifacts. Guests can venture through the remains of the Temple of Sulis Minerva, where Romans once offered sacrifices. Here the original gilded bronze head of Minerva was discovered. Newlyweds and their guests can also walk through the ancient Circular Bath named for its shape. Or stop by the Fountain where Romans gathered to drink the mineral-rich water.

No Roman bath experience is complete without sampling the spa water. The couple can ladle a cup of water from the fountain to toast their new life together. Just as Romans believed these mineral waters had restorative powers, couples can drink for their health, happiness, and future.

The world-class Roman Baths Museum also makes an unforgettable wedding reception backdrop. Couples can dine under vaulted ceilings surrounded by artifacts like curses left by Romans hoping for Sulis’ aid. The Beaverbrook Art Gallery, home to many Roman antiquities, provides a refined and historic reception atmosphere.

Capturing Everlasting Memories

The Roman Baths create an utterly unique and picturesque scene for wedding photos. Couples can pose in front of ancient brick archways, stone statues, or Doric-style columns. The green hues of the Great Bath provide a vivid backdrop for wedding photos. Pictures in the Plebeian Bath detail alcove give a glimpse into ancient Roman life. Images of the wedding party peering down into the sacred spring capture unforgettable memories.

Professional wedding photographers in Bath know all the best angles and lighting to take full advantage of the Roman Baths’ ambiance. Couples who wed here have one-of-a-kind wedding albums to cherish. The Roman Baths provide romantic imagery and rich historical context that compliments wedding day joy.

A Once in a Lifetime Event

The Roman Baths are a world treasure – getting married amongst 2000 years of history is truly once in a lifetime. The ancient architecture, romantic fountains, and steaming green waters create an unparalleled and unforgettable wedding day experience. Couples can walk in the footsteps of Romans who gathered here thousands of years ago. Exchanging vows overlooking the Great Bath allow a couple to etch their love permanently into the long legacy of this magnificent site.

Booking a Wedding at the Roman Baths

Couples looking to celebrate their nuptials at this ancient wonder can inquire about booking parts of the Roman Baths for a wedding ceremony, photos, and reception. Here are some key details for planning a dream Roman Baths wedding:


Weddings can take place at the Roman Baths on select Saturdays throughout the year when the baths are closed to the public. Ceremonies generally take place between 3-5 PM. Rehearsals are scheduled the day before between 5-7 PM. Due to the historic nature of the site, dates are limited and book up at least a year in advance.


The ceremony can accommodate up to 150 seated guests on the balcony overlooking the Great Bath. For receptions, there are a few options that can host between 100-250 guests depending on the area selected. Smaller parties with less than 80 guests can reserve spaces like the Beau Street Hoard treasure room.


The Roman Baths works exclusively with preferred caterers who offer bespoke wedding packages. Cuisine ranges from formal plated dinners to cocktail parties, and British-inspired buffets. Bar packages include champagne toasts, wines, beer, and non-alcoholic choices.


Due to the exclusivity and novelty of the venue, hosting a wedding at the Roman Baths comes at a premium. Ceremony and reception costs start around £6000.00, not including catering, entertainment, photography, etc. Full wedding packages are available on their website.


The historic nature of the Roman Baths means there are restrictions on decor, music, and activities to protect the site. Floral arrangements must be approved and coordinated through the venue. Live music choices may be limited. As an ancient site, some areas are not handicap accessible.


The venue will handle obtaining the marriage/civil partnership license to perform the legal ceremony on-site. Couples simply notify their local registrar of the wedding plans. The Roman Baths can also arrange specifics like firework permits, temporary liquor licenses, etc.

Booking Top Wedding Vendors in Bath

In addition to securing the Roman Baths as your wedding venue, you’ll want to book vendors to bring your entire vision to life. Here are tips on finding the best wedding photographers, caterers, florists, and more in Bath.


One of the top priorities is booking a wedding photographer in Bath who can beautifully capture the Roman Baths aesthetic. Look for photographers experienced specifically in destination weddings with a portfolio showcasing previous Bath weddings. Meet potential photographers in person at the baths if possible.


Choose from gourmet caterers approved by the Roman Baths who know how to work within the venue’s limitations and complement the setting. Taste test menus and look for local ingredients like ciders, cheeses, and fresh produce. A vintage afternoon tea menu fits perfectly.


Floral arrangements must suit the ancient ambiance. Simple, loose designs with local, seasonal flowers work best. Avoid large statement pieces that will distract from the Roman setting. Schedule a walk-through with potential florists to visualize options.


A multi-tier wedding cake dressed in white icing suits the classical Roman design. Look for bakers experienced with delicate buttercream that won’t melt in the steam rooms. A light citrus cake or vanilla with lemon curd filling pairs nicely.

Music & Entertainment

Due to echo, amplified rock bands won’t work. Classical string quartets, harpists, acoustic duos, or solo singers complement the vibe perfectly. Ask about approved playlists for cocktail hours. Add Roman touches like a violinist in toga attire.


There are many historic hotels and cozy inns within walking distance or a short drive of the baths to house out-of-town guests. Reserve a block of rooms at a discount for invites. Recommend staying downtown to experience Bath’s charms.

Securing a once in a lifetime wedding at the Roman Baths takes significant planning. But the unforgettable memories lovers create here make it all worthwhile. Hosting a wedding at this ancient wonder is sure to be the most unique, beautiful, and romantic experience two people can share.