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The Setting: Orchardleigh Estate at Elmhay Park, Frome Somerset UK

Orchardleigh Estate Elmhay Park is a gem in the heart of Somerset. As Diana and Luke would attest, it’s a magical venue that ticked all their boxes and then some.

  1. The Orchardleigh Estate is a Victorian stately home set on a private 500-acre estate, offering a grand backdrop for weddings.
  2. Boasting its own church and a collection of exquisite accommodation options, the estate’s amenities are aplenty. More about that here.
  3. The venue offers an idyllic landscape of parklands, lakes, and orchards – offering breath-taking photo opportunities for the wedding photographer. Bath residents are blessed to have this treasure at their doorstep.
  4. Elmhay Park, located in the heart of the estate, features beautiful Italian gardens, offering a fairy-tale setting for outdoor ceremonies.
  5. The venue is wheelchair accessible, ensuring that everyone can fully participate in the celebration.
  6. Parking is not an issue here, with ample space available for guests’ vehicles.
  7. The venue’s in-house bar and restaurant provide high-quality food and drink service.
  8. With the ability to accommodate up to 162 people overnight, the estate offers flexible options for guest stay.
  9. The Elmhay Park area itself can seat up to 200 people for a ceremony, making it ideal for larger weddings.
  10. Customer reviews of the estate glowingly speak of its charm, class, and excellent service.
a bride and groom posing for a picture.

Blossoms and Bouquets: The Floral Arrangements

Diana and Luke had their eyes on an elegant, rustic theme that complemented their venue. Their flower choices echoed this perfectly.

  1. The bride’s bouquet comprised white roses, peonies, and sprigs of lavender, creating a romantic and rustic feel.
  2. Centerpieces at the reception were wildflowers in varying hues of purples, blues, and whites, placed in mismatched vases and jars, a delight for wedding photography. Bath florists really outdid themselves.
  3. The groom and his party sported boutonnieres made of sprigs of lavender and rosemary, tied with simple twine.
  4. Wisteria hung from the rafters of the Orangery, creating a whimsical, ethereal setting.
  5. Flower girls were adorned with crowns of baby’s breath and lavender.
  6. Flowers were also integrated into the bride’s hairstyle, a simple updo studded with baby’s breath and sprigs of lavender.
  7. The tables were adorned with eucalyptus garlands, adding a touch of natural greenery.
  8. The aisle was lined with scattered rose petals, guiding the bride toward her groom.
  9. The couple chose to have a flower arch as the focal point of their outdoor ceremony, a beautiful frame for the exchange of vows.
  10. Even the wedding cake had edible flowers, tying in perfectly with the overall floral theme.
a bride and groom signing the register of their wedding.

Happily Ever After: The Evening Party and Entertainment

Diana and Luke ensured their wedding was a memorable event, not just for them but also for their guests. From dance numbers to a fabulous band, they had it all planned.

  1. A local band was hired to keep guests entertained throughout the night.
  2. The couple had a first dance that was choreographed and had taken months of practice.
  3. The father-daughter and mother-son dances were heartwarming, capturing the attention of the wedding photographer. Bath residents are known for such warm traditions.
  4. A selection of the couple’s favorite songs was played, ensuring the dance floor was never empty.
  5. A photo booth with props offered a fun diversion and resulted in some hilarious photos.
  6. Sparklers were handed out at dusk, leading to some beautiful evening wedding photography. Frome nights under the stars are not to be missed.
  7. The couple arranged for a late-night food truck serving street food favorites.
  8. Diana and Luke chose to incorporate a Somerset tradition by offering a cider-tasting station.
  9. The evening ended with the release of Chinese lanterns, creating a magical end to a perfect day.
  10. As the guests departed, they were given miniature jars of honey made from bees on the Orchardleigh estate as wedding favors.
a couple of women in wedding dresses sitting next to each other.

A Somerset Love Story: The Wedding Day of Diana and Luke at Elmhay Park, Frome – A little More Detail

The dawn at Elmhay Park, Frome, broke into a morning painted with hues of hope and love on the day of Diana and Luke’s wedding. Nestled amidst 500 acres of parkland, lakes, and orchards, the Orchardleigh Estate stirred awake, anticipating the romance that was to unfurl. Bathed in the soft morning light, the Italian walled gardens seemed to blush a rosy pink.

The Morning Preparations

In separate quarters of the stately Victorian manor, the bride and groom readied themselves. Diana, radiant and ethereal, had her hair arranged in a simple updo, adorned with sprigs of baby’s breath and lavender. In another part of the manor, Luke stood, dapper and excited, in his navy suit. The delicate sprigs of lavender and rosemary on his lapel echoed the theme of their wedding, a charming rustic elegance.

The Ceremony

At the stroke of noon, the soft strains of a violin filled the air. Under a perfect archway of white roses, peonies, and lavender, Diana, arm-in-arm with her father, began her walk down the aisle strewn with rose petals. It was a sight that took everyone’s breath away, especially Luke’s. The ethereal beauty of the moment was skilfully captured by their chosen wedding photographer from Bath, Michael, who immortalised the joy and emotions that danced in their eyes.

As the couple stood beneath the flower arch, their hands entwined, the serene setting of the Orchardleigh Estate seemed to resonate with their vows of love and fidelity. When the kiss finally came, it was a soft whisper of promise, a seal on their forever, eliciting heartfelt applause from their friends and family.

The Reception

As the afternoon rolled in, the guests found themselves led to an exquisite reception at the Elmhay Park Orangery, a stunning Victorian structure that commanded views of the Italian gardens. The tables were beautifully laid, adorned with wildflowers and eucalyptus garlands. The centrepiece of the evening was the towering cake adorned with edible flowers, perfectly echoing their floral theme.

The Party

As dusk descended, the wedding photographer from Bath captured magical images of the couple beneath the starlit Somerset skies. The evening party was a resounding hit, filled with laughter and music. A local band played the couple’s favourite tunes, ensuring the dance floor was never empty. A highlight was the couple’s first dance, a culmination of months of practice, witnessed by the warm glow of sparklers in their guests’ hands.

There was something for everyone – from a fun photo booth to a cider tasting station that paid homage to Somerset’s rich traditions. As the night deepened, guests were treated to a delicious late-night snack from a food truck that served street food favourites.

The Farewell

The evening concluded with the release of Chinese lanterns, creating a captivating sight against the inky blue Somerset sky. As they watched the lanterns drift into the night, Diana and Luke knew their journey together was just beginning. Their guests departed with smiles and miniature jars of honey, made from the bees of Orchardleigh Estate, a sweet token from a day filled with sweet moments.

This was more than just a wedding. It was a love story that unfolded within a day – a story filled with joy, anticipation, love, commitment, and celebration. This was Diana and Luke’s story, a Somerset love story beautifully etched in the history of Orchardleigh Estate.

a woman and a child sitting at a table.

Behind the Lens: Wedding Photographer Michael

Michael from The FX Works played an instrumental role in capturing the magic of Diana and Luke’s wedding. His style, skills, equipment, and expertise contributed to an incredible collection of photos.

  1. With years of experience under his belt, Michael is an expert in wedding photography. Bath and Frome weddings have often been graced by his lens.
  2. Michael’s style is a mix of traditional and reportage photography, blending classic poses with candid shots for a complete wedding story.
  3. He is renowned for his understanding of light and composition, resulting in visually stunning photographs.
  4. Being locally based, he was well-acquainted with the Orchardleigh Estate and knew all the perfect spots for stunning shots.
  5. As an award-winning photographer, his authority in the field is unquestionable.
  6. The reviews on his website echo the high level of satisfaction among his clientele.
  7. Michael ensures he is always prepared with the right equipment to capture the magic of the day, come rain or shine.
  8. Timing is key in his profession, and he was able to capture the couple’s key moments perfectly.
  9. Michael’s understanding of the day’s timeline ensured he was always at the right place at the right time.
  10. His photos not only captured the joy of the couple but also the overall vibe of the day, making Diana and Luke’s wedding a memorable event.

Final Thoughts

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. Thankfully, resources like The Knot, Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, and WeddingWire offer a wealth of information and inspiration for couples. From venue selection to floral arrangements, entertainment, and choosing the perfect wedding photographer, Bath and Frome couples can find everything they need to create their dream wedding.

In the end, the success of Diana and Luke’s wedding was a testament to the beauty of Orchardleigh Estate, the joy of their love, and the magic captured by their photographer, Michael. A Somerset wedding indeed, for the storybooks.