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Picture Perfect Outside Wedding Venue

Picture this: a wedding day filled with enchanting history, modern charm, and rural tranquillity in the heart of the United Kingdom. This was the romantic reality for Belinda and Ryan who celebrated their union in the splendid city of Bath, specifically the breathtaking Bower Inn wedding venue. This article will guide you through the scenic landscapes, exceptional amenities, and the magic of their special day.

The Heart of Bath

Bath, UK, with its sweeping Georgian architecture and illustrious history, was the perfect backdrop for our couple’s momentous occasion. Picture yourself sauntering around this World Heritage city, teeming with Roman and Georgian influences. Visit Bath for a glimpse into this unique location that offered:

  1. A beautiful mix of the old and the new for wedding photography.
  2. Perfect backdrops for wedding photographer Bath shoots.
  3. Nearby historical attractions such as the Roman Baths.
  4. Accessibility and ease of transportation for guests.
  5. Local vendors provide unique and artisanal goods and services.
  6. Diversity in local cuisine to cater to varied guest preferences.
  7. A range of accommodations to fit different budgets.
  8. Reliable public transportation for local and out-of-town guests.
  9. A sense of exclusivity and charm for your special day.
  10. An unforgettable cultural experience for your guests.

The Bower Inn Wedding Venue

The Bower Inn, renowned for its distinctive charm and inviting atmosphere, offered Belinda and Ryan a beautiful canvas for their wedding day. The venue features an array of attractive amenities for the perfect wedding. Here’s what makes the Bower Inn a hidden gem in Bath:

  1. A spacious venue with impressive seating capacity.
  2. Well-appointed accommodations for a comfortable stay.
  3. In-house catering that delighted the tastebuds of all guests.
  4. Immaculate grounds perfect for wedding photography Bath.
  5. Convenient parking for guests.
  6. Disabled-friendly amenities ensure all guests feel welcome.
  7. An in-house bar and restaurant serving exquisite drinks and meals.
  8. A historical charm that created a unique ambience.
  9. Strategic location for easy access.
  10. Excellent reviews attest to its unmatched service and amenities.

Colours, Flowers, and Decor

Our couple opted for a unique colour theme of soft blush, ivory, and hints of emerald green, which beautifully complemented the rustic charm of the venue. They enlisted a local florist who delivered:

  1. A striking bridal bouquet popped against Belinda’s dress.
  2. Centrepieces featuring blush roses and green foliage.
  3. A floral arch under which the couple exchanged their vows.
  4. Buttonholes for Ryan and his groomsmen.
  5. Delicate floral crowns for the flower girls.
  6. Blooming aisle runners add a touch of elegance.
  7. A floral arrangement for the welcome sign.
  8. Decorative blooms adorn the wedding cake.
  9. Table decorations featuring the theme colours.
  10. Flower petals for the guests to shower upon the newlyweds.

Capturing the Day: Wedding Photography

Wedding photography was an integral part of the day, capturing beautiful, lasting memories of Belinda and Ryan’s special day. They chose a professional wedding photographer Bath known for his unobtrusive style. The wedding photographer brought the day to life with:

  1. Candid shots captured genuine moments.
  2. Formal portraits of the couple and their families.
  3. Detail shots of the rings, dress, and venue.
  4. An evening photoshoot capturing the beauty of Bath under the stars.
  5. Documentary-style shots to tell the story of their day.
  6. Photos of the guests enjoying the celebration.
  7. Special request photos, including the first look and send-off.
  8. A unique album to compile all their precious memories.
  9. A pre-wedding photoshoot around the city of Bath.
  10. Creative photography ideas, capture the magic and charm of their day.

The Grand Reception: Food, Drink, and Entertainment

From the mouth-watering canapés to the scrumptious main course, the Bower Inn’s in-house catering left guests raving. The evening party also featured a range of engaging entertainment:

  1. Locally sourced ingredients incorporated into the wedding menu.
  2. A signature cocktail designed specifically for the couple.
  3. A live band that got everyone dancing.
  4. A delightful, four-tiered wedding cake.
  5. Vegan and gluten-free options to cater to all dietary preferences.
  6. A firework display lights up the Bath sky.
  7. An open bar stocked with local and international favourites.
  8. An interactive photo booth with fun props.
  9. Outdoor games to keep guests entertained.
  10. A spectacular first dance choreographed by a professional.

Belinda and Ryan’s fairytale wedding in Bath, UK is an excellent example of a day filled with love, laughter, and plenty of unforgettable moments. As you plan your wedding, consider incorporating these tips to ensure your special day is just as magical.