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Panasonic Lumix S5iiX: A New Era in Photography

The Panasonic Lumix S5iiX is a full-frame mirrorless camera that has been making waves in the photography world1. This camera is essentially the same as the S5II, but with more codec options, USB-SSD recording, and an all-black paint job2. It was released in June 2023 and retails for £2,299 in body-only format

Panasonic S5iiX

My Thoughts

“I don’t consider myself one of those photographers that has got his head up his proverbial backside however I have been a photographer and videographer for about 25 years now so I think I’ve got a pretty good idea with regards to gear. In fact, where we live in a small village in Somerset I think I’ve walked around the lanes with every piece of kit known to man with regard to lenses and cameras over the years and I think it’s one of the things that’s kept me interested in photography so I must admit I’m the support sort of person that gets bored very quick. After years of trying all these different cameras and lenses, I’ve been shooting mainly with Sony and Fuji for the last couple of years and I’ve tried the Panasonic camera loom Lumix but it never seems to float my boat and of course we all know about the focus. Well, I have to come across all the hype about the Lumix S511X I decided I’d give it a go and I must admit I am pretty impressed. We all know about video footage however, the skills are quite something so really that’s what this small article was about this Lumix camera a few photos from just a day out. I did the other week and some footage that was taken in quit, so I hope you enjoy and do think about purchasing one of these Lumix cameras because I think they’ve kind of nailed it!”