Orchardleigh Weddings and Elmhay Park Frome Somerset

Why did I decide to dedicate a whole page to the Orchardleigh Estate?

Well, my association goes back many years when I used to take my children to this magnificent venue when the fullness of time had not been kind to this wonderful Victorian manor house near Frome.

The last remaining member of the Orchardleigh Estate had sadly passed away after residing in one room, with just one small light to brighten the majestic mansion.I did catch sight of this dear old gentleman once when I was cycling around the Orchardleigh Estate.We can see the castle at the end of the estate from our upstairs front window here in Beckington which is a stone’s throw away from Orchardleigh.

I clearly remember the first evening I was invited in through the old oak front doors as the new owner (whom I have became great friends with over many years) had asked me to join him in the blue room as he had decided that he wanted to bring this old house back to life by making Orchardleigh House the place to get hitched.

I spent many many days wandering the many corridors and rooms, documenting the names of each room and taking photos and video. The work on the manor house began in earnest and I had the massive privilege of recording its return to life.

So for many years I have been the recommended Photographer and Videographer for this beautiful wedding Venue that Orchardleigh has now become.

I have had the privilege of photographing and filming numerous weddings at Orchardleigh over the years and I have to say, It is in fact my absolute favourite wedding venue and I have made many great friends.

Hope you enjoy and if you are thinking of booking this fantastic venue with all its history, wonderful staff, then I highly recommend Orchardleigh Wedding’s and why not take a look at more of my work and book me too.