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Hosting your wedding at home can be a charming and personal way to celebrate your love. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the 15 key considerations to ensure your at-home wedding is a dream come true.

  1. The Order of the Day
    • Decide if the entire wedding will take place at home.
    • Allocate distinct areas for different parts of the day.
    • Consider picturesque spots for vows, cocktails, and dinner.
  2. The Guest List
    • Be realistic about indoor and outdoor capacity.
    • Embrace the intimacy of at-home weddings.
    • Pets can be part of the celebration!
  3. The Transport
    • Provide clear guidance on parking or alternative transport.
    • Arrange group transport for guests staying in local hotels.
    • Explore unique transportation options for a memorable entrance.
  4. The Neighbors
    • Notify neighbors about the wedding in advance.
    • Consider inviting them for a drink or leaving a token of gratitude.
    • Include a contact number for any concerns on the wedding day.
  5. The Weather
    • Always have a plan B for outdoor weddings.
    • Consider renting a tent for a middle ground.
    • Adjust plans based on the season, including heating or cooling options.
  6. The Logistics
    • Assign someone to coordinate the day.
    • Hiring a wedding planner with experience in home weddings is an option.
  7. The Hair and Makeup
    • Designate a dressing room for professionals.
    • Ensure good lighting and necessary amenities for beauty preparations.
  8. The Photos
    • Collaborate with your photographer on meaningful locations.
    • Share stories to enhance the personal touch in your wedding photos.
  9. The Décor
    • Tailor your home wedding to any theme.
    • Rent furniture and larger items to save costs.
    • Add simple touches like flowers, lights, and balloons.
  10. The Ceremony
    • Check local regulations for a marriage license.
    • Consider a registry office visit before the wedding for legalities.
    • Opt for a celebrant for a personalized ceremony at home.
  11. The Food
    • Choose between self-cooking or hiring caterers based on guest count.
    • Food trucks can add a fun and interactive element.
    • Discuss kitchen logistics with caterers for seamless execution.
  12. The Drink
    • Consider an open bar or BYOB for simplicity.
    • Affordable and quality drinks are available at supermarkets.
    • Present drink options creatively, keeping them cold and appealing.
  13. The Toilets
    • For larger guest lists, consider renting additional toilets.
    • Opt for chic portable toilets with amenities for a pleasant experience.
  14. The Entertainment
    • Plan for a dancefloor and power supply for a DJ.
    • Be mindful of noise levels, especially late at night.
    • Explore alternatives like photo booths, lawn games, or performers.
  15. The Clean-Up
    • Provide clear disposal instructions to guests.
    • Consider hiring external help for post-wedding cleanup.
    • Ensure a smooth transition from celebration to a clean home.

Remember, an at-home wedding offers endless possibilities. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a magical and unforgettable celebration in the comfort of your own space. Cheers to the journey of planning your dream wedding at home!

Note: This blog post is based on information from hitched.co.uk.

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