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Churches in Frome, Somerset: Perfect Venues for Weddings

Frome, a charming town in Somerset, is home to several historic and beautiful churches that make for stunning wedding venues. Each church offers unique features, from architectural beauty to serene locations, making them popular choices for couples looking for a picturesque setting for their special day. Let’s explore the churches in Frome, their locations, capacities, and why they are excellent choices for wedding photography.

St. John the Baptist Church

Location and Architecture

St. John the Baptist Church is centrally located in Frome, making it easily accessible for guests. This Grade I listed building is an architectural gem, with parts of the structure dating back to the 12th century. The church’s gothic architecture, intricate stained glass windows, and stunning interiors provide a magnificent backdrop for wedding ceremonies.


St. John the Baptist Church can seat approximately 300 guests, making it suitable for both intimate and large weddings. Its spacious interior allows for grand decorations and elaborate floral arrangements, enhancing the wedding experience.

Wedding Photography Frome

The gothic architecture and detailed craftsmanship of St. John the Baptist Church offer endless opportunities for Frome wedding photography. The natural light streaming through the stained glass windows creates a dreamy atmosphere, perfect for capturing memorable moments.

Holy Trinity Church

Location and Architecture

Holy Trinity Church is located on Trinity Street, slightly to the west of the town center. Built-in the 19th century, this church features Victorian Gothic architecture with a tall spire that can be seen from various parts of the town. The church’s elegant design and well-maintained gardens provide a picturesque setting for weddings.


With a seating capacity of around 250 guests, Holy Trinity Church is ideal for medium-sized wedding Photographers in Frome and ceremonies. The spacious nave and beautiful altar area offer a grand yet intimate atmosphere for exchanging vows.

Frome Wedding Photographer

The lush greenery surrounding Holy Trinity Church makes it a favorite for Frome wedding photography. The combination of historical architecture and natural beauty provides a variety of scenic backdrops for stunning wedding photos.

Christ Church

Location and Architecture

Christ Church is situated on Christchurch Street West, nestled in a quiet area of Frome. This Victorian-era church, built in the early 19th century, boasts a striking facade and an intricately designed interior. Its peaceful location and charming architecture make it a popular choice for weddings.


Christ Church can accommodate up to 200 guests, making it perfect for smaller, more intimate weddings. The cozy and inviting atmosphere of the church ensures a personal and heartfelt wedding ceremony.

Wedding Photography in Frome

The intimate setting of Christ Church, combined with its historical charm, offers unique opportunities for Frome wedding photography. The church’s serene environment allows photographers to capture the intimate moments of the wedding day beautifully.

St. Mary the Virgin, Innox Hill

Location and Architecture

St. Mary the Virgin Church is located on Innox Hill, providing a tranquil setting away from the hustle and bustle of the town center. This picturesque church, with its charming stone exterior and beautifully maintained grounds, offers a serene and intimate venue for weddings.


St. Mary the Virgin Church has a seating capacity of about 150 guests. Its smaller size creates a warm and intimate atmosphere, ideal for couples looking for a close-knit celebration with family and friends.

Frome Wedding Photographers

The peaceful and picturesque surroundings of St. Mary the Virgin Church make it a sought-after location for Frome wedding photography. The church’s idyllic setting provides a variety of beautiful backdrops, from the quaint stone architecture to the lush greenery.

St. Catherine’s Church

Location and Architecture

St. Catherine’s Church is located in the heart of Frome, within easy reach of local amenities. This modern church, built in the 20th century, features contemporary design elements while maintaining a sense of tradition and reverence.


With a seating capacity of 180 guests, St. Catherine’s Church is suitable for small to medium-sized weddings. Its modern amenities and flexible space allow for personalized wedding arrangements.

Frome Wedding Photography

The blend of modern and traditional elements at St. Catherine’s Church provides unique opportunities for Frome wedding photography. The church’s clean lines and contemporary design can create striking and modern wedding photos.


Frome’s diverse array of churches offers something for every couple looking to tie the knot in this historic town. Each church, with its unique architecture and serene settings, provides a beautiful venue for weddings and is a perfect choice for capturing timeless Frome wedding photography. Whether you’re drawn to the gothic splendor of St. John the Baptist Church or the intimate charm of St. Mary the Virgin, Frome’s churches are sure to make your wedding day unforgettable.