Professional Wedding Photographers expensive, Professional wedding Photographer explains why
should book a Professional Wedding Photographer

Why are Professional Wedding Photographers more expensive?

I was contacted by a Bride this evening who was very upset as she had received her wedding photographs from her wedding Photographer and asked if I could possibly look at the images and make any adjustments as they were out of focus, poorly lit, etc etc.

The Bride had originally contacted me about 18 months ago enquiringly about our  wedding photography package however when I explained that our Photography Service starts at £1200.00 she declined and said she had received lower quotes!

I got to thinking that maybe it was time to write an article as to why there are such large price differences out there today when looking at Wedding Photographers, so here are some points that may help to shed light on this majorly important point.

  • The Oxford English definition of the word Professional  says this “Worthy of or appropriate to a professional person; competent, skillful, or assured, professional expertise, Engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation  rather than as an amateur.  I don’t work all week and then take photos on weekends!
  • A Professional  will ensure they have the latest equipment and even of more importance have two or like me three of every piece of equipment from cameras through to flashlights.
  • Experience matters!  Years of experience will ensure you have a person that can anticipate everything that is about to happen on your wedding day, have experience in helping you to ensure everything is well organized, most importantly, helping you and your Guests understand what happens next, whilst staying completely chilled out.
  • So many today, with today’s technology, leave everything to the camera, if you have good lighting, good weather and everything runs smoothly on the wedding day, then happy days, a non-professional will probably get some fairly good photographs however as with many weddings it’s not always that straight forward and this is where experience is paramount to getting fabulous images of your day, I have thought of an illustration below which may help with my Article.
  • A passenger Aircraft will pretty much fly itself, planes now days have every conceivable piece of technology, the fight crew can basically sit back and let the plane do its thing however what happens when things don’t quite go to plan?

    Can you remember the Flight 1549 crash landing in the Hudson River last year, it was said to be the only case in history of an emergency landing on water in which all passengers and crew survived.

    Flight 1549, the only case in ­history of an emergency landing on water in which all passengers and crew ­survived, has turned the pilot, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, into an international superstar. He has had his memoirs published, been hailed a Time magazine Top 100 Hero, had ­honors showered upon him at the Super Bowl and been stalked by numerous film crews.

    It’s at times like this where technology counts for nothing, how good the equipment is or professing to be a professional, Experience is what saved the Passengers and crew.

    So this is why you should book a Professional Wedding Photographer, not necessarily for when all is going perfectly but to ensure even under challenging situations you receive the Wedding Photographs you deserve for your once in a lifetime day.

    Unfortunately I was unable to help the said above as the images were so poorly taken, you cannot put back into an image what isn’t there!!

    Book a Professional; that’s our advice!