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As the year 2024 approaches, couples are eagerly planning their weddings and seeking out the latest trends to make their special day truly unforgettable. One aspect that has always been of utmost importance is wedding photography. Every couple wants their wedding photographs to capture the essence of their love story and create lasting memories. With the ever-evolving world of photography, it’s essential for photographers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends to meet the expectations of their clients. In this article, we will explore the top wedding photography trends for 2024 and how the experienced wedding photographer team, Michael & Tracy, are embracing these trends to create stunning and timeless images.

We got married in Frome:a bride and groom walking together in a park near Wick Farm Bath

What readers will learn by reading this article:

  • The shift towards candid and documentary style in wedding photography trends for 2024.
  • The rising popularity of pre-wedding shoots and unique locations for capturing stunning photographs.
  • Emerging editing styles, the focus on minimalist and intimate weddings, sustainability, technology, and social media’s impact on wedding photography trends in 2024.

Candid and Documentary Style

A bride and groom walking down the aisle in a barn at Priston Mill taken by Michael Gane

In 2024, there is a shift towards a more candid and documentary style of wedding photography. Couples want their wedding photographs to capture genuine emotions and candid interactions, telling the story of their special day in a natural and unobtrusive way.

A table set with pink flowers and silverware Wedding Photography Offer at The Manor House Castle Combe UK

Michael & Tracy understand the significance of candid and documentary-style photography. They believe that the best moments are often the ones that happen spontaneously, and their approach is focused on capturing these authentic moments. By blending into the background and becoming a part of the wedding day, they are able to document the emotions, laughter, and tears that make each wedding unique.

Wedding Photography TrendsFeatures
Candid and Documentary Style– Couples want genuine emotions and candid interactions captured
– Telling the story of the special day in a natural and unobtrusive way
– Michael & Tracy blend into the background and capture authentic moments
Pre-Wedding Shoots– Gain popularity as a way to create stunning images before the wedding day
– Showcasing personalities and love in a relaxed and intimate setting
– More creative concepts and unique locations are being sought after
Artistic Editing Styles– Moody, film-inspired, and vintage looks are popular choices
– Enhance the mood and atmosphere of the images
– Michael & Tracy stay updated with editing techniques and incorporate artistic styles
Minimalist and Intimate Weddings– Shift towards smaller-scale celebrations
– Focus on the connection between loved ones and the essence of the relationship
– Michael & Tracy adapt their photography style to capture the simplicity and intimacy
Focus on Sustainability– Increasing focus on eco-consciousness in wedding photography
– Seeking photographers with sustainable practices
– Michael & Tracy use eco-friendly equipment and support local and ethical vendors
Embracing Technology– Couples looking for unique and immersive ways to experience their wedding day
– Virtual reality and 360-degree photography expected to make a mark
– Michael & Tracy use cutting-edge equipment and techniques to create immersive photographs
Social Media and Sharing– Photographers need to adapt their photography for online platforms
– Consider aspect ratios and create compositions that are Instagram-friendly
– Michael & Tracy create shareable images optimized for online sharing

Case Study: Michael & Tracy’s Approach to Candid and Documentary Style Photography

A bride and groom laughing while cutting their wedding cake. The new Candid style 2024 at St Andries park

At Michael & Tracy Photography, we have always believed in capturing the true essence and emotions of a wedding day. With the shift away from traditional formal group shots in wedding photography trends for 2024, our approach aligns perfectly with the current industry direction.

One memorable wedding we photographed was that of Sarah and David. They wanted their wedding album to reflect the candid and documentary style that is so popular now. From the start, we made it clear that we would be capturing the genuine moments, the laughter, the tears, and the raw emotions that make a wedding day truly special.

Throughout the day, we discreetly moved around capturing authentic interactions between the couple, their families, and their friends. We focused on capturing the little details that often go unnoticed but hold so much significance. From the bride’s nervous glances in the mirror to the groom’s joyful expressions as he saw his bride walking down the aisle, we captured it all.

During the reception, we mingled with the guests, capturing their laughter and heartfelt speeches. We didn’t interrupt or pose anyone for group shots; instead, we let the natural flow of the day unfold, capturing the genuine moments of joy and celebration.

When Sarah and David received their wedding album, they were overjoyed. They felt like they were reliving their wedding day all over again, with every emotion and every memory beautifully preserved. The candid and documentary style we employed truly captured the essence of their day and allowed them to cherish those moments forever.

By embracing the candid and documentary style, we ensure that our clients have a wedding album that tells their unique story, filled with genuine moments and emotions. Our approach aligns perfectly with the wedding photography trends for 2024, where capturing the authenticity of the day is paramount.

This case study showcases how our approach to candid and documentary-style photography connects with the current trends and creates a meaningful and personalized wedding photography experience for our clients.

Pre-Wedding Shoots

Pre-wedding shoots have been gaining popularity in recent years, and this trend is set to continue in 2024. These shoots provide couples with an opportunity to create stunning images in a more relaxed setting before the wedding day. It allows them to showcase their personalities and the love they share in a more casual and intimate way.

In 2024, expect to see more creative concepts and unique locations for pre-wedding shoots. Couples are looking for something beyond traditional settings, opting for natural landscapes, urban backdrops, or even destination shoots. Michael & Tracy work closely with couples to create memorable experiences. They scout locations, discuss concepts, and ensure that the photographs truly reflect the couple’s individuality and love story.

Artistic Editing Styles

The editing process plays a crucial role in wedding photography, and in 2024, there will be a focus on artistic editing styles. Moody, film-inspired, and vintage looks are expected to be popular choices among couples. These editing styles enhance the mood and atmosphere of the images, giving them a timeless and artistic feel.

Michelle & Kyle get hitched at Orchardleigh House

Michael & Tracy’s expertise lies not only in capturing beautiful moments but also in post-processing. They stay updated with the latest editing techniques and are skilled at incorporating artistic editing styles while maintaining the authenticity of the photographs. By carefully selecting the right editing style for each couple, they ensure that the images are in line with the trends for 2024 and stand the test of time.

Minimalist and Intimate Weddings

In recent years, there has been a shift towards more intimate and minimalist weddings, and this trend will continue to influence wedding photography in 2024. Couples are opting for smaller-scale celebrations that focus on the connection between loved ones and the essence of their relationship.

Michael & Tracy understand the importance of adapting their photography style to capture the simplicity and intimacy of these weddings. They believe that every wedding is unique, and they approach each one with a fresh perspective. By taking a more unobtrusive approach and emphasizing the connections between the couple and their loved ones, they are able to create photographs that truly reflect the essence of intimate weddings.

Focus on Sustainability

As the world becomes more conscious of environmental issues, sustainability is becoming a significant factor in every industry, including wedding photography. In 2024, there will be an increasing focus on eco-consciousness in wedding photography trends. Couples are seeking photographers who adopt sustainable practices, such as using eco-friendly equipment, minimizing waste, and supporting local and ethical vendors.

A tray of fruit juices on a wooden table.Get fun at the wedding reception

Michael & Tracy are committed to sustainable photography practices and align their approach with the trends for 2024. They use energy-efficient equipment, reduce waste during the editing process, and support local vendors who share their commitment to sustainability. By offering eco-friendly options, they provide couples with the opportunity to have beautiful photographs while minimizing their environmental impact.

Embracing Technology

Technology continues to revolutionize the way we capture and relive moments, and wedding photography is no exception. In 2024, couples are looking for unique and immersive ways to experience their wedding day through technology. Virtual reality and 360-degree photography are expected to make their mark in the wedding photography industry.

Michael & Tracy embrace technology to capture memorable moments and provide couples with an enhanced photography experience. They use cutting-edge equipment and techniques to create immersive photographs that allow couples to relive their special day from every angle. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, they ensure that their photography aligns with the trends for 2024.

Social Media and Sharing

Social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives, and they have had a significant impact on wedding photography trends. In 2024, photographers need to adapt their photography for online platforms, considering aspect ratios and creating compositions that are Instagram-friendly.

Michael & Tracy understand the importance of creating shareable and captivating photographs that resonate with couples’ online audience. They consider the unique requirements of social media platforms and ensure that their photographs are optimized for online sharing. By providing couples with beautifully composed images that are ready to be shared, they align their work with the trends for 2024.


As we look ahead to 2024, the world of wedding photography is filled with exciting possibilities. Candid and documentary-style photography, pre-wedding shoots, artistic editing styles, minimalist and intimate weddings, sustainability, embracing technology, and social media are the key trends that will shape the industry.

Michael & Tracy, with their years of experience and commitment to staying on top of the latest trends, are the perfect choice for couples seeking exceptional photography experiences. They understand the evolving needs and desires of couples in 2024 and are skilled at capturing genuine emotions, creating stunning images, and providing an unforgettable photography journey.

To learn more about Michael & Tracy and their wedding photography services, visit their website at www.thefxworks.co.uk. Embrace the trends, capture your love story, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Answers To Common Questions

Candid moments, aerial shots, and fine art edits are trending.

Professional photographers looking to stay relevant and attract clients.

How can I incorporate aerial shots into my wedding photography?

Use drones to capture stunning aerial perspectives of the venue and couple.

Traditional styles are timeless, but incorporating trends can add a modern touch.

Fine art edits, film-like presets, and moody tones are gaining popularity.

How can I capture candid moments in wedding photography?

Be discreet, document emotions, and focus on capturing natural interactions.