Poseing for your wedding Photographs is very important, naturally everyone wants to look their
absolute best in a Photo and a must for your wedding Photos

How to look stunning in your Wedding Photographs

How you pose for your wedding Photographs is very important, naturally everyone wants to look their absolute best in a Photo.

Your wedding Photographer should have the experience, understanding the quality of light and able to utilize his camera equipment but also know how to spot how minute changes to an individual’s pose will have a major impact on how the model is portrayed.

Having your photograph taken can be slightly unnerving; this was not the case when we photographed this wedding at Thorbury castle yes some people find this experience exhilarating when having their wedding photographs taken however If you’re not one of these who love being in front of the camera a few tips could be required to produce the best shot.

The easiest way to practice is to stand in front of a mirror and stand in the way you naturally feel comfortable, then look closely and make very minor changes to your head, body, legs and feet to change how you look in the reflection, sometimes just turning the shoulders slightly can make a big impact, if you try this, note how it looks more complimentary to your look, it’s because this slims the body shape because there is less directly in view, a slight tilt of the head looks fabulous, for the girls, remember the tilt moves toward the lowest shoulder, the guys, it’s the opposite, the head if tilted needs to tilt to the highest shoulder it makes the pose much more macho.

Hands on hips looks great too, just remember to drop the hand slightly lowered than normal to ensure the arm is curved, there’s a saying with posing and its “If it bends, bend it” so in other words curve your arms slightly to ensure the whole line of your body is naturally curvaceous which looks much more complementary to the image.

When having your romantic photographs with myself, I firstly allow you to stand naturally with your partner and then maybe make those minor adjustments for you, maybe asking your partner to place both hands onto you; guys quite often forget they have two hands with which they can hold you.

There are several books and of course the internet which will provide you with lots of advice on the best ways to pose however the main thing to remember is to forget the camera, look at your partner and then the rest will fall into place.

You will look stunning, we promise