A wedding photographer that understands lighting; subtle changes help you look stunning, skin
tones will look beautiful for your wedding portraits

Portrait photography is all about the light

Seeing the light, recognizing great light against flat or poor light

When I’m taking portrait or wedding photography where I’m based in Bath, I’m always searching for the different lighting situations, it’s an art that as a professional photographer you get to understand how the slightest change in exposure, the turn of the face or body refracts the light in so many different ways.

I move constantly around my subject looking at how the light reflects or catch the face or eyes, to enhance the photograph, a shadow can either make or break the image that you are trying to capture.

I’m sure you have heard of someone say “get my best side” this is so true, you can look at a Bride or Groom or model and then just a subtle movement of the head can make a huge difference to how that individual is portrayed.

If the photographer understands lighting, any lines or blemishes will melt away due to the fact that the lighting lifted the skin tones, brightened the eyes; this is why so many of my Brides are more than pleased with their photographs.

Because I love my work so much and this is transferred onto my images, I guarantee you will be absolutely thrilled with your portrait, wedding photographs.

I have a natural ability to see where the light is, I connect with you as the Bride, Model or in fact anything I photograph because of my passion for my work, even photographing an inanimate object excites me because it’s fantastic how you can capture what’s happening at that moment and hold that image forever.

Wedding Photography is a passion, you will be thrilled with your Wedding or portrait photographs due to the fact that I desire to produce perfection.