A Wedding photography Service ahead of others; photography that delivers stunning wedding
images, story telling your wedding through photography

What makes Our Wedding photography Service Bath leagues ahead of others!

Our wedding photography delivers an atmospheric style of photography that draws you into the story of your wedding day.  Our wedding photography is all about the subtle nuances; the images are not meant to overwhelm, but to enchant the viewer, subtle and full of elegance whilst keeping full of character of what was happening the moment the shutter was released.

As a Wedding photographer I love natural color; but also appreciate the incredible emotion that can be captured with B&W images, my favorite being mocha.  Our wedding photography is all about well-captured moments that still shine through all the over editing of images in this world, I feel images should not be dated by the editing fads of many wedding photographers today.

Due to the fact that we look for light, catchlights in the eyes, many of our Brides say the how astounded they are by their photographs however photography is light and seeing this creates fabulous images, you will look stunning and that’s our promise to you both.

Our passion for gorgeous wedding photography has provided us with the opportunity to travel abroad and photograph at some incredible destinations however capturing the connection, eye contact and telling the story of your wedding is what our clients say is strongly apparent in our wedding photos, we have photographed many weddings all over Somerset the UK and abroad.

For wedding photography that truly captures your wedding day, look no further than the works.