Second Shooter

December 28, 2016

Second Shooter

Second shooter (Two Photographers)

It seems to be the trend to have two wedding photographers at a wedding, when looking across the internet at wedding sites and photographer websites, often part of the up-sell is offering two photographers on the day of the wedding.

I think it’s very important to put one’s heart into the information that clients read on websites, unfortunately there does tend to be a lot flowery comments when looking through ‘About’ pages.

I promise you won’t find this with my ‘about’ page, when writing about me and how I work, I constantly strive to answer all those questions that couples wish to know when booking a wedding photographer, you can read about me (HERE) I personally would like all my clients to peruse through this as it puts into more detail… who I am and how i work.

I absolutely believe that the technical aspects with regards to photography can be taught, I teach other enthusiasts photography and love providing this service, however the artistic, the connection, the passion, the love cannot be taught, it has be be within the individual, the photographer.

I and others would consider me a perfectionist when it comes to most things in life but absolutely when it comes to my photography, I have a camera with me nearly 24/7!

I love light, shadows, contrast, I always feel the need to capture a scene, to hold that moment.

My photography is about the personalities of my subjects, I never hold to a particular style or push to get THE photo that I feel, I must get. Some photographers take a list to the wedding, and have to get those shots, those poses…the same images they take at every wedding they attend…that’s not me, I mean it when I say “every wedding, every client is completely individual, I capture the soul of the person, this has been said on many occasions.

I attended one wedding as a guest and both photographers had the same list…the Groom looking at his watch shot, the Groom and best man shaking hands, I do not offer this style of photography, I want to capture the real life, to tell the magical wedding story, your story.

So the reason behind this small article, is to add this to my FAQs and to diaries my thoughts, not just for you lovely people, looking at my work, but also for me.

On several occasions I have been asked..

Do you bring a second photographer on the day?
Can we book a second shooter?

The most honest and polite way to reply is this…

I love it, that my couples book me as their wedding photographer because they love my work, they love how tell the story of the wedding through images, they love how I capture the real personality within the exposure.

I couldn’t  then hand this incredible responsibility over to another photographer, my work, is me, the photo’s on this site and through my life as a photographer are me, when you book me to photograph your wedding, I photograph your wedding. 

Also I couldn’t possibly be worrying about another photographer on the wedding day, I have over 25yrs experience, I know where, when and can anticipate what’s about to occur.

My role as your official wedding photographer is to provide you with outstanding memories from your day, a privilege and responsibility that hold very dear. 

I do hope this short article provides you with the answers, I don’t take a second shooter with me to your wedding. 

Many thanks for reading – Michael Gane – thefxworks