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Wedding’s in Bath

Wedding’s in Bath

Wow, this year has been so busy for me, I must admit I had felt the wedding photography market had slowed down, last year I photographed 35 weddings which did seem a tad quieter compared to previous years.

I do put every ounce of my heart and soul into my wedding photography, every single sense of passion (as all artistic individuals) but having this inert part of our Personality to critique oneself constantly, its not always constructive criticism either.
You know “have we lost our skill, that artistic flair? Yep, stupid I know but it’s something that a Virgo has to put up with!

Anyhow, I’m chalking on, but back to my original thought, this year has been wonderful, having the added privilege of photographing a beautiful wedding in North Carolina (Outer banks) on the beach to really top it off, a superb wedding in Italy, one of my favourite locations and many many weddings in this beautiful country Great Britain. This year so far, I’ve provided my reportage wedding photography service 9 times in Bath, 12 weddings in the surrounding Somerset countryside, 2 in London, one at my favourite location Zion Park and several locally at the wonderful Orchardleigh House and Italian Gardens.

Every wedding has its special moments, those special images and every wedding photo shoot as different as the seasons however some weddings do tend to have that little extra something, maybe it’s the location, the guests or that extra magic between the Bride and Groom.

The images within this article are from just one such wedding, this wedding was for the beautiful Sophie and handsome Gregory.
They both met and fell in love about 10 years ago at university, and Sophie moved her life out to Geneva where she works as head of HR for a top Russian company and the talented Greg is in the oil business.
Geneva a  city in Switzerland on the e southern tip of  Lac Léman (Lake Geneva). Surrounding this incredible city is the Alps and Jura mountains, dramatic Mont Blanc.
Just check out the beauty of this wonder place and yet Sophie and Greg chose Somerset for their wedding. The reception was held at Sophie’s parents house.
The most beautiful home, their gardens were a sight for garden lover’s, as beautiful as a natural trust property.
The church service was held at the quaint Lullington Church, then back to the home where two gorgeous marquise had been set up, wonderful food provided for all the family and friends.
There were so many lovely locations to take the happy couple, the rain didn’t for one minute stop play and later in the evening we were blessed with a gorgeous golden hour for more portrait photos. The images below are just a few more photographs taken on my Olympus and my stunning little flash, the Nissin i60a which provides the opportunity to fire 4 WiFi flash guns, great little flash. Anyway I do hope you enjoy the images and let’s all strive to make every I image we take, the very best. Remember Ansel Adams once said “10,000 photos to get that one perfect shot.