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We had the absolute pleasure of Photographing & Videoing Claire and Pippa’s incredible Wedding at the beautiful Roman Baths, in the Historic City of Bath, Avon. A wonderful couple, lovely Family and Freinds came from all over to witness this magical Wedding in this fabulous location. I have added a few of their Wedding Images, their Wedding Digital Gallery Montage and as a special gift to this lovely couple, their Wedding Video from the Roman Baths. being a Wedding Photographer in Bath and surrounding countryside is such a privilege, having the opportunity to record such beautiful events and meeting such lovely people.




Guyers House Weddings

The Beautiful Guyers House, Corsham

Guyers House is a beautiful wedding venue in Corsham, Wiltshire.

We are offering 10% of our Fusion – Wedding & Photography collection to all our couples getting hitched at this wonderful Wedding Venue.

Our Wedding Photography and/or Fusion collection records your wedding as it unfolds, beautiful reportage photography and video – you’ll love what we do.

Complete Wedding Gallery from Bishopstrow Hotel

Bishopstrow Wedding Photographer

The beautiful Orchardleigh Estate, the place to help make your wedding day perfect; we are offering our clients 10% off our Fusion – Photography & Video collection for 2010

My clients regularly ask to see a complete wedding, one of the first things that need to be considered is the privacy of the couple. I must emphasise that all the wedding’s I Photograph are individual the personality and feel of the wedding. Some weddings are very emotional, some full of romance and some, full of fun and crazy personalities. So with this in mind, remember that the wedding you’ll view was as individual as you, your day. I never photograph a wedding with pre-conceived ideas. The format of a wedding is very similar however I never attend a wedding having devised a ridged plan, this in contrast to many wedding photographers. I will photograph your wedding day to match your style, the wedding images, will be as unique as you

Nicola & Matt have said they, would love me to share their wedding photos from Bishopstrow Hotel & Spa, the images will provide you with a view of my style and work



Michael Gane, Providing Outstanding Wedding Photography in Somerset, Bristol, Bath and throughout the South-West


Wedding Venues Frome

Wedding at St Mary's Church, Orchardleigh Estate

Orchardleigh House; my favourite wedding venue for my Wedding Photography and/or Videography collection


This county of Somerset has some of the most incredible wedding venues, from the quaint to the exuberant, the small country manor house to some of the most majestic castles, victorian manor houses, and hotels. I have the privilege to be one of the recommended Wedding Photographers and Videographer in many of these, including the beautiful Orchardleigh.

Within my site, I have provided a full page to some of my most favourite wedding venues – Wedding Venues in Somerset

So one of my all-time favourite wedding venues is the fabulous Orchardleigh House on the Orchardleigh Estate, just outside Frome in Somerset. (Its literally 10 minutes down the road from us here in Beckington) Orchardleigh now has several options for your wedding ceremony, on the beautiful grounds, on the steps of the magnificent vestibule, a short walk to get hitched in the corner of the estate in a beautiful garden vestibule, Civil ceremony; inside the manor house and not forgetting the wonderful Italian Gardens (Elmhay Park)

The staff are superb, my great friend Karl, (who like me has been associated with this venue from the beginning) will look after your every wish.

I couldn’t finish this small article without mentioning the incredible food, just wonderful.

And if I take the Wedding Photo, you’ll receive it and every single image ” beautifully edited’ that was taken at your wedding; yours completely copyright free; just as you can see in the example gallery below




Wedding’s in Bath

Wedding’s in Bath

Wow, this year has been so busy for me, I must admit I had felt the wedding photography market had slowed down, last year I photographed 35 weddings which did seem a tad quieter compared to previous years.

I do put every ounce of my heart and soul into my wedding photography, every single sense of passion (as all artistic individuals) but having this inert part of our Personality to critique oneself constantly, its not always constructive criticism either.
You know “have we lost our skill, that artistic flair? Yep, stupid I know but it’s something that a Virgo has to put up with!

Anyhow, I’m chalking on, but back to my original thought, this year has been wonderful, having the added privilege of photographing a beautiful wedding in North Carolina (Outer banks) on the beach to really top it off, a superb wedding in Italy, one of my favourite locations and many many weddings in this beautiful country Great Britain. This year so far, I’ve provided my reportage wedding photography service 9 times in Bath, 12 weddings in the surrounding Somerset countryside, 2 in London, one at my favourite location Zion Park and several locally at the wonderful Orchardleigh House and Italian Gardens.

Every wedding has its special moments, those special images and every wedding photo shoot as different as the seasons however some weddings do tend to have that little extra something, maybe it’s the location, the guests or that extra magic between the Bride and Groom.

The images within this article are from just one such wedding, this wedding was for the beautiful Sophie and handsome Gregory.
They both met and fell in love about 10 years ago at university, and Sophie moved her life out to Geneva where she works as head of HR for a top Russian company and the talented Greg is in the oil business.
Geneva a  city in Switzerland on the e southern tip of  Lac Léman (Lake Geneva). Surrounding this incredible city is the Alps and Jura mountains, dramatic Mont Blanc.
Just check out the beauty of this wonder place and yet Sophie and Greg chose Somerset for their wedding. The reception was held at Sophie’s parents house.
The most beautiful home, their gardens were a sight for garden lover’s, as beautiful as a natural trust property.
The church service was held at the quaint Lullington Church, then back to the home where two gorgeous marquise had been set up, wonderful food provided for all the family and friends.
There were so many lovely locations to take the happy couple, the rain didn’t for one minute stop play and later in the evening we were blessed with a gorgeous golden hour for more portrait photos. The images below are just a few more photographs taken on my Olympus and my stunning little flash, the Nissin i60a which provides the opportunity to fire 4 WiFi flash guns, great little flash. Anyway I do hope you enjoy the images and let’s all strive to make every I image we take, the very best. Remember Ansel Adams once said “10,000 photos to get that one perfect shot.

Military Wedding

Military Wedding

Military weddings are such an amazing wedding day, the uniforms always add that extra-special touch to any event but a wedding, fantastic!

I have photographed many such weddings through my years in the wedding photography industry and the Wedding for Jonathan and Abigail at the wonder Guyers House (Corsham) was one such wedding.

I arrived to take a few candid shots of Abi and her gorgeous Bridesmaids, Father and Mother of the Bride before heading off to the quaint little church of St Patric’s in Corsham, every close to Guyers House.

When I arrived the lads had already started to practice their Military salute for the Bride and Grooms exit from the Church, after grabbing a few shots of this spectacle I then moved on to take reportage images of guests arriving etc.

Abi arrived in a stunning Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, her wedding gown was absolutely stunning, she looked sensational. 

I never interrupt the flow of the bride’s arrival, I want those beautiful natural photos.
The ceremony was a wonderful occasion, fantastic when the priest asked the congregation (any reason why this couple cannot be wed) all the lads drew their swords from their scabbards and stood to attention.

Fantastic confetti images as the Bride and Groom walked beneath the Military Salute followed by all the guests throwing confetti.

Guyers House looked wonderful, a beautifully decorated marquee, awaited the newlyweds.

I spent a few moments with Abi and Jonathan, taking them for a very unobtrusive stroll around Guyer House gardens, a few group photos for the happy couple, Abi through her bouquet to the girls which always makes for a fantastic photo opportunity.

I stayed until after the speeches, their first magical dance together as a married couple and then made my way home.

I have added a few of their wonderful wedding images here, beautiful couple, beautiful wedding

Abigail and Jonathan were flying out to Mexico the following Tuesday where I’m sure they’ll have a superb honeymoon, congratulations to you both 🙂   

St George Beckington

St Georges Beckington

Living in such a quaint little village as Beckington has many benefits, being away from the hustle and bustle of a town or city, close to the wonderful Somerset countryside and having a beautiful village church. Another little piece of historical information for you. Beckington Abbey was probably given this name by one of its wealthy residents, was built about 1156. In 1347.

St Georges Church has just covered its 700 years as the 700th anniversary of the first Rector of Martin de Sutton, his name is one of first on the list inscribed on the wall in the bell tower. 

I have been apart of many weddings in this fine Saxon Church, as the official wedding photographer it’s literally 5mins down the road from my home in the village, so very handy.

I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful wedding at St Georges only a couple of weeks ago, such a beautiful and romantic wedding celebration.

Being part of Rachel & Peters Wedding day was wonderful, it was such a pleasure documenting their fabulous day with photography.

Then off to the wonderful Wedding Venue on the Orchardleigh Estate, the beautiful Orchardleigh House where I’m the official wedding photographer. 

I wish them all the love in the world, I have added just a few of the wedding photos from this lovely wedding here on the Somerset border just outside the incredible roman city of Bath.

For your wedding photography in Somerset or the surrounding borders., take a look at the many other wedding galleries on this website and secure your wedding photography with me. 

Low light EM1 mkii

Low light EM1 mkii

As many of you know I have been using the Olympus EM1 mark ii  for about six months now, initially I was a Fuji wedding photographer however decided I needed a change and move onto Olympus after testing the EM.

So how does this camera stand up in low light? with the Fuji I did tend to overlook the focusing issues and work with it. I read an interesting article and found I was working the same way, excusing poor focus missing some  shots, putting this against the quality of the images I ended up with, sometimes really poor back focusing and just plain missing the shot. 

This weekend I photographed a stunning wedding near Bath for the wonderful Henning and Chantelle. The first dance was something that they’d rehearsed for weeks and weeks and this wasn’t going to be a standard first dance “the slow smooth smooch”  this was going to be something with a bit of fun for the guests to enjoy. 

The venue is well known for being quite dark inside, it can be quite challenging, the photographer really has to understand his gear and some pretty major photography techniques, the lighting was very low the DJs lights were  very low,  just a few strobe lights and lasers. 

This is when you need a camera that focuses but essential  in low light.  I would normally keep the the focus assist light off however it was very dark so I decided to put this to on, shooting in full manual shutter speed was about 1/15 of the second, I had the flash set to manual, I think it was 1/4 power. 

I love to shoot the first dance and all the fun shots before and after I had to dance around the bride and groom to capture these weird and wonderful wedding dance shots but I have to say the EM1 focused brilliantly even in this mad low light. I made sure that I was focusing on a specific point to aid the camera aiming for the outline of the couple to make things less challenging but I think you’ll see by the images that this camera does produce brilliant images, focuses really quickly, even in low light.

 Take a look see what you think, you want to shoot Weddings, then be confident that the Olympus EM1 mkii is the camera to enjoy.

Wedding Photography using the Olympus EM1 mk11

Fuji Xpro2 – four month’s on

Fuji Xpro2 Four month’s on

Four months on and 12 wedding’s now covered using the Fuji Xpro2, many of my reader’s have read my reviews about my experiences using this mirrorless camera and checked out the images I have posted, well I thought I would provide an update and a few more photos from a recent wedding taken just outside the City of Bath.

I’ll do my best to provide as many hands on details as possible however as usual please don’t expect a comprehensive article, this blog will run through the positive and yes some of the more frustrating challenges I have experienced whist using and loving the Xpro2 camera.

The camera feels great in the hands, very user friendly, ergonomically great, many of the guest’s at wedding’s ask what camera am I using, they seem to love the retro look and to be honest the majority of guest’s now have huge Canon or Nikon’s so it’s great that to be different from the crowd as it were!

I did have an issue with the spot metering on the camera at first, I didn’t feel it was as good as the XT1 however after several wedding’s I now use spot metering 90% of the time when I’m not in full manual mode.

The battery life has improved after cutting down on checking the image’s and tuning the camera off when it’s not in use, it starts up pretty quickly so that’s not an issue but one thing I have become aware of is the body does seem to get quite warm with constant use, love to hear from anyone who has experienced similar.

It was great reading that the Xpro2 would have the diopter next to the viewfinder for those of us without 20/20 vision but the amount of times I have to reset this little dial is a real pain, it tends to get accidentally turned during shooting, not a major issue however it does get a little frustrating when I have to reset several times during a photo shoot!

Having the dual slot is fantastic, I have never really worried about having twin slots but I must admit I now love it, having all the image’s saved to my number 2 (128gb) card is great.

Focusing is wonderful, I use f1.2 for many of my shots when using the 56mm lens and 98% of the photo’s are nailed perfect, its fast in good light and pretty darn accurate in low light, yes I may miss a few shots however I did when I shot with my canon 5d in low light.

When I move into the church or venue for the ceremony or where light is pretty steady I’ll take a shot in P mode then set the camera to full manual, shooting in manual is exceptional, I can be confident that every exposure will be similar, this is how I shoot the speeches too.

I leave the white balance set to Auto, its pretty darn accurate and to be honest, I just never have time to alter the white-balance during a wedding!

To be completely honest that’s really about all I can say at this stage, the camera is superb for my style of reportage photography, please take a look at the few image’s below and make the move to Fuji if you haven’t already! I have added a few more images for you to view taken with this stunning Fuji Xpro2.

The English country side is one of the most beautiful places in the world and especially more so when the weather is balmy, summer time is incredible with the colours. Small quaint village’s, with all the history of long ago times.

I love photographing wedding’s around the Somerset countryside, we are extremely blessed as we live on the Somerset Border, close to Bath but also Wiltshire being just a few miles down the road.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of photographing and filming a wonderful English county wedding in one such Village, the small church of St Katherine nestled in the Somerset Village of East Woodlands, very close to the Longleat Estate.

The floral displays in the church were beautiful, wild Daisy, corn flowers, foxglove’s and forget me knots, the perfect floral display for the theme chosen by Scarlett and Jason.

The ceremony was beautiful, the words, reading’s and vows beautifully written to match the style that Scarlett and Jason had wished for on the wedding day, this really was a beautiful and romantic wedding.

The Marquee decorations held perfectly to the English country theme, wild flowers, wooden tables with gorgeous flowers in dainty cups, hay-bales adorned the meadow, just perfect for the guest’s but also wonderful for my photography, as I love to match the couple’s personalities, when requested to take the group image’s.

Such a memorable wedding for all the family and friends and a beautiful wedding for me to have the privilege to photograph.

We wish Scarlett and Jason all the luck and love in the world.

Michael Gane – thefxworks 



Fuji does strictly 2016

Fuji does Strictly

I must admit when you’re asked to attend a Ballroom dancing competition, it does kind of make one think…wow, I’m 50 and is this what it’s come too?

Well, I had an email requesting that I attend the world ballroom dance competition in Blackpool, It was going to be held in the majestic Empress Ballroom, Winter Gardens This was the only official Blackpool Dance Festival, of course Dance Festivals held in Blackpool are world famous, so the thought of entering this wonderful venue does have a lasting impression on oneself.

The building is very impressive, built in the 1890’s, it has the most spectacular barrel-vaulted ceiling, incredible sparkling chandeliers, a spectacular parquet flooring and ornate balconies that impress. I have to admit it’s quite a staggering venue.

The Empress Ballroom has hosted many fantastic events, everything from political party conferences to pop concerts – its architectural splendour, vast capacity and unrivalled flexibility making it extremely popular with regional, national and international event organisers alike. The Empress Ballroom is directly linked to the spacious Arena.

Well, i decided I was going to take my Fuji Xpro2 along with me for the official photography bit, i had my Fuji 16mm f1.4 wide angle lens attached and my faithful 56mm lens, I was thinking that maybe, I would possibly have the opportunity to snap a few images of the dancing and, as always, push my camera equipment; my thoughts were, probably the lighting would be quite a challenge, how would the focus perform? But to be honest I didn’t think it would be too much of an issue taking a few photos, without flash, because Ballroom dancing is quite a slow deliberate art!! If i’m photographing the first dance at weddings, I will use flash, slow shutter speed to capture the action, however Ballroom dancing (I thought) will be very slow! Was I completely and utterly wrong!

If you haven’t seen the film “Strictly Ballroom” I suggest you do, the competitiveness of these incredible dancers was unbelievable, you could see the emotion and determination in their eyes, you could feel the determination, cut the (Fiery) atmosphere with a knife!

Before I get to the images and the camera’s performance, I must tell you, I was absolutely blown away, the dancers had to perform up to 5 dances in one run, from Cha Cha
Foxtrot, Jive, Lindy Hop, Mambo, Paso Doble, Quickstep, Rumba, and the Viennese waltz was incredible, the speed and beauty of this dance, the dancers would float at an incredible speed from one end of the ballroom to the other, I was amazed.

Here we go then, I thought, I want to capture this magical competition, so I set the Camera to manual, took a couple of test shots to set the exposure, using f1.4, Zone focusing and continuous, I fired away, I was sat just behind the main judges and to ensure I wasn’t blocking the people’s view from behind me, I stayed sat in my seat, to be honest I couldn’t move around too much in my Tuxedo (something I wouldn’t usually wear, I don’t quite look as good as James Bond in his!) So all these shots were taken being as unobtrusive as possible.

But I have to say that the Xpro2 camera nailed the shots, yes, I did miss a few shots as I was trying to move with the action and stay out of the way but the Fuji Xpro2 was a blast to use.

Many of you know that my profession is (mainly) as a Wedding Photographer these days, I do occasionally provide my photography services for a few corporate events.

The reason for me attending this event was to capture the After Party atmosphere but who wouldn’t want to grab a few photos of the dance atmosphere?

Take a look at the images and see what you think, one thing I can say, don’t be afraid to push these cameras, you will be very impressed.

“Photography is a journey, take it with Fuji” – Michael Gane – thefxworks  

Please do click like, its very much appreciated 🙂


Fuji Xpro2 Portrait Photography

Fuji Xpro2 Portrait Photography

Come on, what could be more enjoyable than spending several hours at a superb location with the Fuji Xpro2 and the lovely Lucy for portrait photo shoot.

As many bloggers know, Ive been using the Fuji range of cameras for several years now, the Xpro2 is my number one camera for my portrait, landscapes and wedding photography.

I use two lenses for all my work, these being the Fuji 56mm lens and the beautiful 16mm wide angle.

The location of the Photo shoot was the incredible Montacute house House and Estate in Somerset. 

There is so much information on the web with regards to this camera, from the focus through to the battery life however in this short blog I wanted to tell and show images from my experience using the Face and eye detection with the xpro2.

I must admit I’ve never really been a photographer who is into using these types of settings on cameras, I like to work fast and feel I’m completely in control of the equipment, I need to work fast, all you wedding photographers will know exactly where i’m coming from!

This photoshoot was going to be a little different…more chilled, so it gave me the perfect opportunity to test out the Face detection.

Lets first tell you about the settings (no apologies its not going to be massively technical) firstly I was using one of my favourite lenses, the Fuji 56mm F1.2, its my favourite portrait lens and one of the main lenses I use for my wedding photography, its very fast, super sharp. I set the shutter to Electronic shutter as it was quite bright in somerset on this photoshoot and I wanted to set the largest aperture possible because I wanted to see how Face detection would cope at f1.2, I also set the Focus area to the smallest setting, again just to push the boundaries on the Xpro2.

I must admit when trying out new equipment, I really like push the cameras, taking images ‘where no man/woman should go’ !! My thoughts behind this madness is…if it can cope under crazy circumstances then its a winner!

Now I have to admit, it was quite a challenge for me, letting the focus choose where it was focusing, and for a few initial shots, I didn’t feel comfortable because the focus seemed to pick the face and eye very fast indeed, and because for many of the shots Lucy was moving, it just didn’t seem possible!

Even when taking the image with full backlight, the face detection nailed the focus, obviously when Lucy wasn’t looking directly at the lens, the camera switched to normal focus.

When checking the images back at my studio, I did become apparent that, on some of the images the camera had selected the eye furthest away from the lens, however this was only on a few of the photographs.

My opinion is the face detection was pretty accurate for the majority of the shots, would I use this setting at a wedding? Maybe for the pre-wedding images, I do tend to photograph the Bride & Groom in a more natural pose and take very few photos where they are looking directly at the camera but I would definitely try this technique again, on another portrait shoot.

Please check out more of the images taken at Montacute house House with the lovely Lucy and see what you think, it maybe something you might like to try with the Fuji X cameras.

Michael Gane – thefxworks


Wedding Photography Fuji Xpro2

Wedding Photography in Bath with the Fuji Xpro2

After over 20 years documenting wedding’s its quite natural to understand the process, although you would think that each wedding is the same, believe it or not; I still get butterflies the week before, its a good thing (I keep telling myself) because just as an actor gets nervous before going on stage, it ensures that I never take this responsibility lightly, after all its my clients special day and I have to be, want to be on the ball!

If you have read my other blogs with regards to my personal experiences using the Xpro2, you would know that I’m a full time wedding (Professional) photographer, I use the term professional in the correct sense as its my only profession, unfortunately these days the term is used very lightly however I personally feel that photography is an ongoing journey always learning and finding new and interesting ways to capture light.

The wedding I’m going to be taking you through is a wedding I photographed in Bath on the 2nd of May this year, I’ll provide a brief explanation with regards to the finer details about the wedding, how I go about shooting a wedding and then let the images say the rest about this fantastic camera.

I arrived at the venue at 13.00 pm, this was the time the Bride had requested, sometimes I find myself arriving earlier but usually two hours before the ceremony (for me personally) to document some of the preparations, the dress, flowers, trinkets and the excited Bride etc.

Naomi had chosen the most incredible wedding gown (Vera Wang) Ted Backer shoes and Tiffany Necklace, because I absolutely love reportage photography, I quietly and unobtrusively capture the life and soul, I move around the room looking for the light and those magical moments we all love to find.


The Bride requested that we leave the room whilst her Bridesmaids helped her with her dress, and then we entered to take some shots of the Bride and her girls. People often ask “what is my style” and I always say the same thing, “my style is your style” I react to their personalities, I want to capture who they are, not who I am!

I quickly took a few shots of Naomi leaving the bridal suit and then took my place at the front of the ceremony location, to capture the stunning Bride and her entourage as they walked down the isle, I set the focus to continuous focus (release) and 3 frames per second as I knew that this would be ample, the aperture on the 16mm Fuji lens to f2.8, it nailed every frame, spot on.

At the front of the action, I set the camera to manual, after firing off a shot on auto to provide me with a rough idea of setting’s, I always use manual where the action and lighting is pretty consistent, the camera caught all the action, focusing fast and incredibly sharp, the 16mm lens is superb however I did have my 56mm on my a second Xpro2, yes in now own two of these, also the x100t and the xt1, oh yes and the ex2.

Immediately after the ceremony the wedding coordinator very kindly announced that we were going to take the large group photo (which I do like to take first) whilst everyone is present, I always suggest to my clients to keep their formal photos to a maximum of 5, they what to enjoy their wedding day and not spend it with their photographer!

It was now time to take Naomi and Daniel for a stroll around the ground’s, I love this time because it provides the newly married couple some time, and this is when I capture those intimate moment’s, whilst I just make any slight adjustment’s to hands etc.

The Fuji focused wonderfully, I used the c position for the exposure compensation, I loved using the small front dial, I find this a lot smoother than the top dial, which does seem a tad tight.

During the speeches, I tend to sit or stand where I can move and capture those reportage images, my main lens for the speeches is the 56mm at f1.2, its great in low light, the ISO didn’t go any higher than 1600 and the images were stunning.

I’ve never been a “machine gun” photographer, just fire away, I like to document feeling, therefore I very rarely take more than a 1000 exposures, when I left the wedding, I had taken 956 images; I honestly could have just provided the SOC images, they were stunning but as we all know RAW has a lot more information and so I edit with RAW, but one of these days, I may just use the Jpegs and make minor adjustments, because they are just so good on the Xpro2.

Well now “how many of the image’s were great from the 956 you took” I hear you say?

Out of the 956 exposures, 922 were perfect, in focus and excellently exposed, no kidding, part from a few duplicated images, if I wasn’t such a perfectionist, I could have copied the images straight to a USB drive for the couple!

I still cant get used to the spot metering on this camera, I tend to use this metering mode 95% of the time whilst photographing people, dependent on their skin tone, I just adjust the exposure however I find myself moving away from this metering mode on the Xpro2, if any of you guy’s find the same, Id love to hear from you also i’m still not as impressed with the image displayed in the view finder, I still think that the XT1 was better.

The battery life did improve, I ensured I turned the camera off more often between shots and didn’t keep viewing the images on the back screen.

I use the SanDisk Extreme PRO SDHC 32 GB Memory Card up to 280MB/s and a 128gig card in slot two as backup, when shooting at 8fps, the camera handled the shots with no problems.

I know some may feel that this article isn’t technical enough however I make no apologies when I say ” its the final image that matters to me” and the Fuji X cameras do it for me and as long as they keep bringing out systems like the Xpro2, I’m a Fuji Fan!

Michael Gane – thefxworks