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Beautiful Bride deserves stunning photos

Your model or your Beautiful Bride has the right to look stunning in her photos; many of my brides express how soft and wonderful their skin tones look when they receive their wedding images, even photography shoots for models, they say a similar thing.

The secret is lighting which ensures the skin tones look fantastic which is what everyone wants (unless you’re going for the harsh look that some male models prefer) makeup is too quick to be used in cosmetic advertising it essentially to lighten the skin, soften any lines and to ensure there’s no harsh lighting at all, this is great however if your lighting is incorrect or as the photographer you haven’t really looked at your subject, you may be tempted into thinking that makeup will hide any flaws, beauty lighting is a sure-fire way to make anyone look beautiful but it isn’t a one-stop solution lighting should be like carefully rendered just as the artist Rembrandt portrayed incredible lighting in his portraits which in my view is a better solution.

If your subject has fantastic bone structure perfect makeup and no issues about her face makeup may help however beauty lighting is the way to go, learn how to look for light if not avoid for modifying light if you are unsure, remember to study your subject, check for contrasting as reducing this will ensure that your model, bride looks stunning, that’s what every woman deserves.

Lucy in the above photograph looked absolutely Stunning on her wedding day for her photographs which we took just outside Bath, I felt so privileged to be her wedding photographer.

Beautiful Brides Deserve Stunning Images

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